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List of Top MBA Collges in India

India's Top Most MBA Institute

Our country having so many Top MBA Institutes for Best Educations

About Business Management Course

Management courses or Business administration courses for undergraduate (UG) or masters are the most demanded courses all over the world, due to their practical feasibility and universal applicability.

Have you ever wondered what difference does the degree of business make in the world, that everyone is running and catching the flight to?

Actually, the Business degrees offer the students a framework and foundation in subjects of business, finance, economics, marketing, Human resource, risk analysis with practical teaching modules. In general, these Management Programs, Curriculums and Degrees are the most refined and sought out career options, and primarily focus on building up the relevant candidate into a leader, someone who has bold and confident personality and above all greatly informed about his/her surroundings as to what is going on in life especially in business and startup sector, in news, in terms of how a particular idea can change the world, how to quantify an idea to make the lives of people easy, just like technology. It even enhances one’s decision making ability after proper research and SWOT analysis.

The MBA’s, BBA’s and the other diploma and postgraduate(PG) courses develop an individual holistically and make an attempt in empowering him/her to create value. The particular time span of the course inculcates and imbibes the individual to add value to one’s own life and to the one’s in the surroundings. It also develops and instils a person's sense of business acumen, the art of managing things and huge enterprises, with the management of risk by allowing them to make decisions to take calculated risks in the area of interests by a proper knowledge base and then making it economical enough to sustain growth goals and visions of the particular organization in the sense, so the company can flourish and sail in the real world.

Due to the benefits of business education, the current trends in entrepreneurship are rising and have even become the need of the hour. These are the disruptions in the education world that make a significant shift in the domestic and national product of any country

All this adds physical value in the world but first actually grows the intellect and the intelligence of the person too. There is a significant change in the abilities of the person after the study program. And hence not just the education sector, but also the Extracurricular activities in the business schools have importance

Here at EasyShiksha we provide the importance and benefits of doing the course with the best information about what are the top universities and Top B-schools in the world to get the business degrees and how to get admission into them too. Also, we provide the necessary data and course material that can help you to get a degree with flying numbers, or to get admission in the prestigious universities of the world.

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Some Quotes about Business Management!

01 You are a business person if you can or if you want to create ideas to add on the real productivity in things you choose to do, rest we all do Just the same things throughout our 24/7

02 The first rule of management is delegation. Don’t try and do everything yourself because you can’t. By Anthea Turner

03 It's not about money. It's about the people you have, and how you're led. By Steve Jobs

04 Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them. By Paul Hawken

05 I've actually not read any books on time management. By Elon Musk

06 Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them. By John C Maxwell

Apart from Masters and Bachelors in business administration i.e. the BBA’s and MBA’s there are various other courses to learn from and there are world known universities which are teaching them too. Some courses in management are as follows:

  • Management Information Systems
  • Bachelor’s in Marketing
  • Bachelor’s in Supply
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s in
    Operations Research
  • Masters of International
  • Degree in Technology
    Management, etc

The important factors to choose management as a course from best management and business universities in the world are as follows:

  • Top Best Business schools
  • Ranking of the B-schools
  • Major subjects in the University
  • Why do you Want to Study
    Business or Management?
  • Benefits of business education
  • Why Are Extracurricular
    activities in business school important?
  • How will my degree help
    me in Business?
  • How to prepare for entrance Exams?
  • What test should I enrol in
    for that university?
  • Best Faculty for the Management
    Course in the college
    I am preferring?

Some of the important questions are added in the FAQ Section Please read More, to get your doubts solved. And you can ping us anytime for further assistance.

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Facts of the Course

01 Investment inYour Personality

The business and management degree is an investment and the biggest ROI of your life on you. It completely transforms you, and notable positive changes can be seen in all spheres

02 Attractive Pay Scale

Since the courses in management and business studies require full attention and are not the courses of part time, it develops an individual holistically with rigorous and daily challenges. This in turn helps them with problem solving in much more detail, for which they have no bound in terms of earnings.

03 Value of experience

With the business course, the practical training and internships are a must which adds on to the total experience of the concerned person and thus increases the knowledge base, so he/she can build up their C.V’s on the same

04 Power to locate Sources of Chaos

The Management degree helps you in problem assessment, by judging any future risks. And thus creation of certain provisions and reserves for the same. A Business manager can locate the chaos from afar.

05 Variety and variability of opportunities

There is no limit to the exposed area for a business person, and each situation is one of a kind which helps in developing opportunities for the leader.

06 Educational Qualification

The Business and Management courses can be an edge over any of your degrees, be it engineering, Artistic degrees or any streams in particular. And there is just a need to have basic graduation in a related field for a Masters course, and for undergraduate courses, just a report card of your higher secondary results is required.

07 Holistic Growth

Overall changes in the life of a manager, which changes the way she/he perceives and thus in turn tries to add value to the ideas surrounding him, and thus are the entrepreneurs formed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which course is best for business?

The most prevalent courses are Masters of Business administration(MBA). But it depends on what is your business about, and what are the types of services or products you are offering. Like there are also options of Masters in International Business, for management of Business of something related to exports and imports.

What subjects do you need for business management?

The main focus of business courses is economics, business studies and management. But it has various other ranges of subjects which you will be learning about such as finance, HR, Public relations, marketing and communications.

What is the highest paying business job?

Business in itself is not a job and hence have no fixed salaries, on the contrary, they have profits. But the people working under someone else’s dream project do get a salary in the following order, in terms of value.

  • Chief Executive
  • Marketing Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Natural Sciences Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Compensation and Benefits Managers
  • Public Relations/Fundraising Manager
  • General and Operations Manager

What kind of career and salary can I expect with my online Master’s degree in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics?

If you are thinking of earning your online Master’s degree in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics legitimately, from good institutes and colleges it is indeed a worthy decision. However, perhaps if you're wondering what positions might be available to you after the degree is completed. We will be glad to share a few options as suggestions here to help you along your journey.

  • Business Intelligence Administrators
  • Database Architect.
  • Database Engineer
  • Business Systems Analyst Managers

Are online models or distance learning in MBA or other business fields worth taking admission?

Since in recent times it has become really difficult to attend offline classes, as we were hit by the devastating Pandemic. Also if you are working and taking some practical experience in kind of internships or jobs somewhere, it becomes very difficult to pursue a course offline, regularly.

Hence the online courses from UGC, AICTE recognized universities, and Naac Accredited is a very good option to choose from. Just make sure the course for both the type of programs is very much the same.

How can I become a Business Analyst?

If you’re entering the field of Business analyst with previous experience in any IT related field or starting from scratch, there are two paths you can take to become a business analyst.

Apply Directly Out of College or Make a Career Transition

Earning a bachelor’s degree in business, accounting, information systems, human resources or another related field, in undergraduate is also beneficial

The steps to learn the skills needed for a business analyst is as follows.

  • Learn Core Business Analysis Skills
  • Take Business Analysis Training Courses
  • Earn a Business Analyst Certification

Career Opportunities

With prevalent unemployment in the world, and people losing their jobs in an instant everywhere, the times are tough enough. But to the right candidate, nothing is difficult. If an individual learns and grows according to the new and emerging ways of business, then there is no stopping you. Some of the places Management aspirants can find career options in India are.

01 Accounting Management

Management of accounts helps managers within an organization to make the necessary decisions. Some of its branches are cost accounting, management accounting etc. In the procedure an individual works to identify, analyze, interpret and communicate information to managers to help achieve organizational vision and goals.

02 Actuarial analyst

Actuarial analysts like doctors of data. They use statistical modelling by different ways, procedures, risk management tools and strategies to develop financial projections via extrapolation and interpolation, cost-cutting analyses, and insurance plans to devise policies and framework.They are capable of working in a variety of industries but are mainly employed in the financial services and insurance sectors.

03 Arbitrator

Arbitrators help different parties settle disputes legally outside of court. They have private and confidential meetings, which are generally informal. They are in the position of attorneys, business professionals or retired judges, so as to solve the matter without disturbing the judiciary, but legally.

04 Business adviser

A business advisor is an individual who strategizes and works with your company to help in the phases of planning, organizing, financing, marketing, and even developing. A business advisor helps you with generating goodwill for the firm and marketing of the new product, so you have your undivided attention only on the management side of things where your ability and presence is more required.

05 Business analyst

A business analyst is a person who analyzes the company or business domain while checking on the important documents, its business processes and ongoing procedures & systems. Holistically it assesses the business model, its viability and its technological compatibility.

06 Business development manager

An individual, who works to extend and develop business relations with new partners and brings in relevant sure-shot businesses from around the globe, to increase market stability and earn in more profit by doing more business.

07 Chartered management accountant

A chartered management accountant prepares, develops and analyses financial information and data of the organisation to make well-informed and efficient decisions, which helps in future stability, growth and profitability of the firm.

08 Corporate investment banker

Corporate investment bankers advise companies, institutions and all their clientele entities to achieve their financial goals and become financially sound and implement long and short-term monetary plans. Also, they specify the plan of action to achieve the pre-mentioned targets. They are generally appointed with lawyers and accountants.

09 Data analyst

Data analysts are the people who analyse the data, about sales, purchases, growth rate, trade deficits and profits and loss, to generate meaningful data to get to the best decisions of the enterprise's life. And they analyse and work on data to reach the conclusion of where the data is leading us.

10 Data scientist

Data scientist's job is to analyze data for insights to have some say in the decision making state. There is a lot of research work in the same. Collecting large sets of structured and irregular data from all concerned sources to align them and perform various sets of exercises to get authentic and fully believable data.

11 Forensic accountant

Forensic accountants analyze, interpret, and summarize complex financial and business data to further smoothening matters. They are hired generally by insurance companies, banks, police departments.

12 Insurance underwriter

Insurance underwriters professionally evaluate and analyze the risks involved in insuring people, brands and their respective assets.

13 Management consultant

Management consultants help organizations solve problems by improving business performances, creating value and maximizing growth. Some tasks performed by them are to look after e-business setups, digital marketing and business strategy.

14 Project manager

A project manager is a professional who is made the lead of any particular project or assignment, who leads a team of individuals to plan, execute, manage operations and generate results. She/he ensures the task assigned to them is duly completed, with the team on time, in budget with the scope and vision of the company aligned.

15 Risk manager

Risk managers advise organisations on any potential risks which may incur in any future time which can be reduced or minimized to the profitability of the firm. It ensures safety, security of the organization and prevents them from the potential threat. Key responsibilities are to manage the organisation, its employees, customers, reputation, assets and interests of stakeholders and shareholders.

16 Stockbroker

A stockbroker is a professional trader who is involved in buying and selling shares or a part of the ownership of the company on behalf of their clients. The stockbroker is also called an investment advisor.

17 Supply chain manager

The Supply chain manager oversees and manages every level of the production flow, from purchasing the raw materials to delivering the final output to our proposed buyers. The main tasks of this personnel is to meet the demand and supply curve for the entity.

18 Construction manager

Also called general contractors or project managers they coordinate projects, to construct and build sites, bridges, dockyards for public, residential, commercial or industrial uses.

19 Cost lawyer

The Cost Lawyer is a qualified legal professional who specialises in the law and practice of legal costs. It is the only branch of knowledge in this particular field.

20 External auditor

External Auditors are the inspectors to the clients accounting records. They express opinions on financial statements on their fairness practises using the applicable accounting standards of the entity, such as Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

21 Human resources officer

A human resource officer is a person who is required by every company big and small to expand. He/She is the person responsible for recruitment, under the laws of the HRD ministry and the policies of the company.

22 Logistics and distribution manager

The main task of these managers is to organise the storage through the storehouses and warehouses and distribution of goods with proper routes to when and where the concerned goods will reach and how they will be loaded and unloaded. The good cost variable and time issue is also kept in mind while performing the same.

23 Marketing executive

The Marketing Executive is the person who markets and brands the products and services of the organization to make them accessible, and available to everyone. Advertising is also a part of the digital strategy. One of the best careers seen nowadays is for digital Marketing.

24 Retail manager

Organizing all single store operations with responsibilities to an individual. Leading and guiding the team and staff members for maximum performance and then preparing and controlling the budget aiming for minimum cost.

25 Sales executive

The sales executive is the person who persuades prospective clients to buy the products and services of the Company. These are generally associated with manipulative and good communication skills. And Generally needs to take follow ups on a regular basis to turn the clients into our business.

26 Systems analyst

A system analyst is a person who analyzes and designs techniques to solve business problems. There are thus very unique and creative solutions at times. Good knowledge about software and other applications is very much required for the same.

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Indian Institute of Management- Kashipur

Kashipur, Uttarakhand 

Vellore Institute of Technology

Vellore, Tamil Nadu

Institute of Management Technology

Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

PSG College of Technology

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

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