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About EasyShiksha: Online Courses and Internships with Certificates Platform in India

EasyShiksha: Empowering Education, Crafted by HawksCode.

EasyShiksha aim to revolutionize the education sector, by working on the basic infrastructure and by developing smart skills to guide, help & improvise the knowledge.Easyshiksha helps in maintaining the top-notch intelligence quotient and e-learning base to everyone, with just a click. We initiated it in 2012 as a life hack to Students, Faculty Members, Educational & Digital Training Institutes, Universities, Online Distance Learning Schools, Coachings and parents.

As a one-stop solution, we offer an easy-to-use interface, providing certification courses for online programs recognized and accepted across all industries and institutions. Our five modules encompass information on universities and colleges worldwide, e-learning courses in over 1000 fields, career guidance based on IQ and aptitude, regularly updated daily test series for all competitive exams, and student campus ambassador programs.

Awards and Recognition at EasyShiksha

EasyShiksha has been accredited by many prestigious, immensely valued and recognised authorities of the country. Here are a few of them:

  • Top-25 Start-Ups in Rajasthan Digifest 2017 by the honourable Chief Minister, Smt. Vasundhara Raje.

  • Featured in "Top 20 EdTech Startup - 2018 in India"

  • "India's 10 Best online Education providers, 2019"

  • "Global Educational Influencers 2020".


How EasyShiksha works?

EasyShiksha is a comprehensive e-learning platform based in India, with a global reach. Our platform provides expert guidance and knowledge on fundamental technical and analytical education systems, aimed at simplifying the lives of students, faculty, and other beneficiaries. By offering clarity and direction, we empower future generations with confidence to contribute towards making the world a better place to live in.


It works via 5 module interface system, which are :

  • Online Courses & Internships with Certificates on Almost all the fields of knowledge.
    (Having various fields and courses)

  • Career Helper Guide
    (Based on IQ and aptitude, a detailed counselling session for all individuals. Also, EasyShiksha offers free vocational tests to get relevant details amongst plenty of career options for you, so you can choose from the best alternatives at your disposal)

  • Online Test Series
    (For every test of the world, we provide series of mocks and revision test on regular basis to get the best results for you)

  • Information Module
    (Authentic data from University’s prospectus and other daily updates)

  • Student Campus Ambassador
    (To lead your college and your batchmates, and get daily rewards in return)

Why is EasyShiksha different?

Integrated eLearning Educational Platform

The EasyShiksha portal provides an integrated eLearning educational platform, serving a multitude of user-types such as students, faculties, educational institutions, universities, and coaching institutes.

Online Learning Courses

Easyshiksha provides 100% certified, Self paced Online learning courses for students such as programming courses, digital photography, cooking, software testing and many more. Latest fields are added too with regular updates.

Career Helper

Know your career options with Easyshiksha. Get best professional guidance from Experts. Know your abilities, qualities, and shortcomings. Pick the Career that suits you best.

Education News and Updates

Easyshiksha provides news and latest updates about education and Govt Jobs. Get the latest updates on schools, Colleges, B schools, registration, scholarships, exam results, exam dates and Industry Updates.

Regular Online Test Series

Large number of students find a way for authentic links and platforms for daily online tests on a regular basis and often enrol themselves for the quantitative sets of mocks, and test series, which does not add or examine their true capability. Hence we at EasyShiksha offers Qualitative test series for daily, weekly and monthly users.

Online Internship Programs

EasyShiksha is the leading platform preferred by Institutions for Internships. Here students get an opportunity to complete their internships through video & practical based online training to enhance their skills and add on to them.

Campus Ambassador

The EasyShiksha Campus Ambassador Program is one of the biggest of its kind. The program is designed to enable amazing hands-on experience in Marketing, along with mentorship & learning through continuous interactions with the dynamic startup team at EasyShiksha.

EasyShiksha Enterprise

Institutes, Colleges & Universities can subscribe to list their relevant profiles, Courses and other services on EasyShiksha Platform.

Self-Registration & easy Enrollment

EasyShikha provides Easy & Self Registration for all users to search through our online Services inventory and locate the perfect eLearning Service as per their requirements.

Responsive Portal

Users can have access to our eLearning services anytime, anywhere & from any device. Our Platform is portable enough and invites all to provide substances immediately.

Features of EasyShiksha

Combination and Variety of Test Series
  • Easyshiksha gives a combination of free online test series and digital examination arrangements to all the fields for the benefit of students and relevant learners.

Plethora of Courses
  • Vocation test on Easyshiksha gives you an opportunity to know what all courses are available and amongst them, what all are good for you; so you can choose amongst all the options. and can think about your professional alternatives.

Regular news and updates
  • Get instructive news and updates about vocations, occupations, schools, colleges, programs and everything.

Filtered lot of Students
  • Getting high quality filtered Students leads.

Simple interface and devoted web presence
  • Separate website and whole new digital space available for all your queries on EasyShiksha.com

  • Featured Portfolio

  • Top Search Ranks or Best SEO to have the maximum reach.

  • Career Helper

  • Online courses for all within and outside the Institutes.

  • Worldwide reorganization and accreditation by renowned and popular committees and personnel.

  • Home page ads to build in your brands amidst the best and quality audience.

  • Individual Email Marketing strategy.

  • Event invitation by EasyShiksha, for all our Programs and talk shows.

  • Have admin & sub-admin panel

AIMS for EasyShiksha

Affordable and Accessible

Keeping the education affordable and accessible to all, at the comfort of your home, irrespective of social or economical background.

Quality Information and Updates

Providing best and authentic information about Colleges and Universities with their updated Courses, Syllabus, Ranking, Fees, Admission & Entrance procedure and other necessary details.

World Class Standards

Training every enrolled candidate according to world class standards.

Solution based Approach

Recognizing the existing barriers in academia, and working on its solution base.

Curation of new Courses

Continuing the efforts to curate the collection of digital courses as per the ever growing demands for the variety of fields and Subjects available today.

World Class leaders

Developing future leaders, managers and entrepreneurs world-wide with affiliation and courses from top universities in the world according to universal standards.

EasyShiksha Vision

  • EasyShiksha will be a world pioneer of Education, Learning and Innovation.

  • We will be the creators of the Quality infrastructure base for the Education Industry all over the world and for distinguished and helpful ways of Learning, especially in India.

  • In addition, we will strengthen our preeminent programs while encouraging the development of new curriculums and courses for presenting strategic and allround opportunities for all the learners. And also make it worth learning in simple ways.

  • We will make India as per according to the history “The land of knowledge”, The World leader of Human Resource.

Future Scope
HDFC Credila: Education Loan
Fair Exhibition Organisation
Indian Education Congress
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