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Online verb Questions with Answers | Best Kids Learning Platform - Easyshiksha

Verb Questions with Answers


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  • 1. A lion does not _______ grass.

    Answer:- A lion does not eat grass.

    2. Most people _______ a newspaper in the morning.

    Answer:- Most people read a newspaper in the morning.

    3. Birds _______ nests.

    Answer:- Birds build nests.

    4. A carpenter _______ furniture.

    Answer:- A carpenter makes furniture.

    5. Birds _______ in the sky.

    Answer:- Birds fly in the sky.

    6. Buds _______ into flowers.

    Answer:- Buds bloom into flowers.

    7. Fire _______.

    Answer:- Fire burns.

    8. Aryan _______ for an insurance company.

    Answer:- Aryan works for an insurance company.

    9. Cows _______ grass.

    Answer:- Cows eat grass.

    10. The wind _______.

    Answer:- The wind blows.

    11. The monkey _______ by the door.

    Answer:- The monkey sat by the door.

    12. Jack _______ in a hurry.

    Answer:- Jack left in a hurry.

    13. Michelle _______ her elbow while _______.

    Answer:- Michelle hurt her elbow while playing.

    14. Please _______ the door.

    Answer:- Please open the door.

    15. She _______ a new car and _______ _______ her driving lessons.

    Answer:- She bought a new car and started taking her driving lessons.

    16. Joe _______ the job offer.

    Answer:- Joe accepted the job offer.

    17. Kelly _______ hip-hop music.

    Answer:- Kelly enjoys hip-hop music.

    18. We _______ to the grocery store and _______ so many items that _______ them home became difficult.

    Answer:- We went to the grocery store and bought so many items that carrying them home became difficult.

    19. The accountant is _______ the expenditure for the month of February.

    Answer:- The accountant is calculating the expenditure for the month of February.

    20. Johnson _______ a lot of money but he spends it too.

    Answer:- Johnson earns a lot of money but he spends it too.

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