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Accounting & Bookkeeping

When you hear: bookkeeper, you picture an old 50-year-old with golden rimmed spectacles resting low on their nose bridge, scrawling slowly onto the papers. Let me tell you something, you don't have to be that old to be an amazing accountant. To prove credibility you can simply take up online courses with certificates in accounting and bookkeeping.


Before you go searching the internet for things like 'accounting courses with certificates provided online' and such, let me walk you through: What is accounting? What is bookkeeping? their significance and benefits, and where to learn them.

In simple words, accounting consists of acquiring, collecting, and methodical recording of business dealings, in terms of money. To be more precise, as an accountant you get to, condense, analyse, as well as report these dealings to agencies, regulators and tax entities.

Learning accounting has more than job benefits, like


●       Do your accounts: As an accountant, it is only natural that you do your accounts. This will help you understand your expenses better and if possible, help you cut down on unnecessary spending.

●       Gain problem-solving skills: You will encounter many dead ends and loopholes in your journey as an accountant. In turn, these issues will polish your problem-solving skills, making you not only a commendable accountant but also a person.

●       Contribute to your workplace:Imagine being the only one who conversed with the boss about recent happenings and finances flux, you get to be the employee who knows a thing or two about the present financial info.


Accounting jobs have increased in demand since the past few years, and with higher demand comes higher pay, the average salary of an accountant is anywhere from 4-5 lakhs.

For all these benefits to be yours, you don't even have to go to 4 years of college, you can simply earn yourself a certification in accounting as a start.

Bookkeeping is the documenting of financial deals and is part of the accounting process in businesses and other organisations. As a bookkeeper, you prepare source documents for all deals, operations and other events of a business.


Bookkeeping may seem like a dying profession to some people, but that's exactly the opposite of what's happening. With more companies and tech giants setting their foot in the Indian market, the demand for accountants and bookkeepers will only increase. 


Apart from this, some other benefits of bookkeeping are:

●       Bookkeeping helps you stay on top of your finances.

●       With proper bookkeeping, you can plan your future.

●       With proper skill in bookkeeping, you can make your future.


Similar to that of accountants, the bookkeeper's too have a good salary package, ranging anywhere from 5-6 lacs, and increasing steadily.

To become a bookkeeper, you can either take up an undergraduate programme or can opt for certification in bookkeeping, to test the waters.

Accounting and bookkeeping is so vital to businesses because they make budgeting so easy, having your finances properly maintained leaves room for better future planning and financial satisfaction. Anyone can become an accountant/ bookkeeper with only little practice and the right kind of guidance. Appearing for online certification provides you with knowledge and educational flexibility.


The beauty of online certifications is that, no matter what your prior field or work experience, these certifications let you gain knowledge as well as prospects in job forums. You will find a variety of best accounting courses with certificates if you look at the right places.

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