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Educational Video for Kids

EasyShiksha Kids Educational Videos

Education helps a person to get knowledge and improve their confidence level throughout their life. It plays a vital role in our career growth as well as in our personal growth. It has no limitation; people of any age group can have access to education anytime. It helps us to determine good and bad things. But during these Pandemic times all the schools and other educational institutions are shut and the learning is confined to our homes and teaching is going on in Online mode. And due to This virtual reading method many children are losing their interest because they lack the connection between their teacher , friends. Moreover, they miss their traditional classroom teaching. So here, we have coined some possible ways which you can include in your kids' learning process to make it more enjoyable and fun.

Educational Videos increase student engagement in online classes , which in turn helps to boost their achievement. Videos let you establish authority and give a more personal feel to your message. You will be far more likely to connect on an emotional level with your audience if you use different videos versus another content type. They offer the flexibility to pause, rewind, or skip throughout the video to have class discussions or review particular areas which are probably the major drawback of classroom teaching. They enable teachers to create a flipped classroom or “blended” learning environment Thus, using images, pictures, video and animations alongside a text stimulates the brain. By this Student attention and retention increase. Under these circumstances, in a multimedia learning environment, students can identify and solve problems more easily aa compared to the scenario where teaching is made possible only through textbooks

Parents loves us

My child and I venerate this. I adore that it is free, and I cherish the assortment it has and the truth that it’s an app that can develop with him. I adore that it is secure, and there are no advertisements or joins that can take him anyplace I don’t need him to be.

Pratik Tirpathi

My child and I play these diversions together frequently. He adores them, they deliver us parts of unused things to associated over, and they have seeded a few unused interface for him. The great recreations are truly great, locks in, and offer assistance to create key aptitudes, and most of the diversions are great.

Veer Yadav

Understudies are locked in, learning unused apparatuses, uncovered to an assortment of assets, and having fun whereas they learn.

Somaya Gaur

Kids Learning With Activities

  • Our education system Provides an authentic and interactive classroom experience.
  • We teach kids with proper technique and the easiest ways to learn from us.
  • Our platform Offers personalized live online teaching.
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