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EasyShiksha provides comprehensive online winter internship & training programs designed for students, graduates, freshers, and working professionals seeking academic advancement and upskilling certifications.

Prepare for your career with our Online Winter Internship opportunities in 2024.

Discover our diverse range of online winter internships & trainings that are job-ready, featuring globally recognized certificates accepted by universities, colleges, and companies worldwide.

  • Obtain two authorized certificates recognized by universities & corporates.
  • Access our 100% online internships at absolutely no cost.
  • Choose from flexible internship durations ranging from 2 weeks to 6 months.
  • Upon completion, you will receive two certificates: an Internship Certificate and a Course Completion Certificate
  • Learn conveniently anytime, anywhere.
  • Access learning materials seamlessly via web or mobile. Download the App for easy access.

Free Winter Internships & Trainings with universally recognized certificates accepted by all Universities and Industries

Join over 1,00,000 students from 300+ universities who have already completed internships with EasyShiksha and are now employed at leading MNCs.

"Knowledge knows no bounds in the world of eLearning."

Explore free online Winter Internship opportunities for students, graduates, freshers, and working professionals alike.

Select Your Career-Boosting Virtual Internship Course from Our Diverse Range of Categories.

Free Full Stack Web Development with the MERN STACK

Full Stack Web Development with the MERN STACK

Free ES6 Javascript: The Complete Developer’s Guide

ES6 Javascript: The Complete Developer’s Guide

Free Computer Programming With C# - Part 2

Computer Programming With C# - Part 2

Free Arduino Robotics Part-II

Arduino Robotics Part-II

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How EasyShiksha Free Internship/Training Certification works?

  • Learn & Explore course

    Learn & Explore course

    Go through course videos to learn

  • Test yourself

    Test yourself

    Test your knowledge through quizzes at regular intervals

  • Guide from industry experts

    Guide from industry experts

    Take regular guide from well experienced industry subject experts

  • doubt solving

    1:1 doubt solving

    Get your doubts solved by experts through Q&A forum within 24 hours

  • Take final exam

    Take final exam

    Complete your internship/training by taking the final exam

  • Get certified

    Get certified

    Get internship/training certificate that is valid for all universities, colleges & industry

The term “virtual internship” refers to a category of internships in which you are not required to physically be present at the office or internship location. Students can complete a work experience placement from home as part of a virtual internship. Through a variety of channels, including Skype, Microsoft Teams, email, webinars, and Slack, interns can communicate with their employer during the internship. As long as there is a computer and an internet connection, you can even do the internship while travelling. Virtual internships are possible in a wide range of vocations.

Virtual internships with certificate are a fantastic alternative for the candidates to start there career

Some of the benefits of the program is listed below:-

Gain useful work experience: Hands-on work experience gained by interns during Free Online Internship is valuable and cannot be obtained in a classroom setting, making this one of the most significant benefits of online internships.

Explore a career path: Exploring other educational subjects is a vital part of the college experience, and internships are a terrific method for students to become well-versed in the field of interest. Joining a Free Online Internship with Certificate programmes while in college allows students to work in their selected field, allowing them to determine if the field is right for them.

Schedules that are flexible are possible: The benefit of a virtual internship is that you are free from the constraints of a traditional internship programme

The convenience of the firm and the intern can determine how the interns are trained. This adaptability avoids any disruption of routine work.

Give yourself a competitive advantage in the job market: One of the most important online free internship Certificate programme advantages is that college graduates with work experience in the form of an internship stand out to potential employers. You may also receive a greater starting compensation package than individuals who do not have internship experience and are new to the organisation.

Learn new skills : Online training allows you to learn new skills that traditional office training does not offer. Interpersonal communication skills, organizational skills, initiative and time management are required. These are prerequisites for effective employee development.

In addition, you improve your self-control without outside influence. This will be especially useful in your future career. Virtual internships help you shape your thinking while helping you launch your career.

Affordable : Office job training is quite expensive because it involves additional costs. You have to buy office clothes, commute to work. You also have to worry about accommodation, food and more. If you get an internship in a big city, the costs will automatically increase. On the other hand, a virtual internship is cost-effective and saves extra money if the company pays an internship stipend.

Why doing a internship is important for college students and graduates in India

Most students, when they graduate from high school, have no idea what they want to do with their lives. Experimenting with internships and real projects in several fields can assist you in determining your area of interest.

Don’t be scared to explore an area you’re unfamiliar with as long as you find it intriguing. Internships are all about education.

  • First and foremost, internships provide or gain experience for the individual(s) fresh out of school.
  • It also provides the individual with the opportunity to establish new or strengthen relationships within your profession.
  • Understand the benefits and drawbacks of a career. Assists you in making an informed career choice
  • Include ‘experience’ in your resume. This is especially true for first-time job seekers.
  • Experiment with a career shift, especially if you haven’t been formally trained or educated for it.
  • Allow a potential employer to see your talents and attitude by opening a window.
  • Complete your undergraduate credit requirements. Most professional courses require you to complete at least one internship experience.
  • Learn from and network with senior executives.
  • EasyShiksha is a platform where you can get internships according to your interest.
  • It is a platform that connects students who are looking for internships to the companies that are looking to hire interns.
  • There are many work from home opportunities so that you can work according to your preferred time also There are a lot of companies from different fields, so one can select a company accordingly.
  • All students have the chance to start their career exploration adventure with the EasyShiksha free online internship with certificate programme, which has been created to help them build work experience and a professional network.
  • As our free online internship with certificate programme is designed to give you all the assistance you need during the programme and to help you prepare your CV to start you on the route to future work experience, you do not need prior work experience to enrol in it.
  • Guaranteed Job Interviews and 100% Placement Assistance .
  • Online Certificate Verification Facility through QR Code. EasyShiksha Certificates are globally accepted and recognized.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Are EasyShiksha's internships truly free?

Yes, all internships offered by EasyShiksha are completely free of charge.

Q.How can I apply for an internship with EasyShiksha?

You can apply for an internship with EasyShiksha by visiting our website and browsing through the available internship opportunities. Once you find a suitable internship, simply follow the application instructions provided.

Q.What types of internships are available through EasyShiksha?

EasyShiksha offers a wide range of internships across various industries and disciplines, including but not limited to technology, business, marketing, healthcare, and more. We continuously update our internship offerings to provide diverse opportunities for our users.

Q.Will I receive a certificate upon completing an internship?

Yes, upon successful completion of an internship with EasyShiksha, you will receive a certificate recognizing your participation and achievements during the internship period.

Q.Are EasyShiksha's internship certificates recognized by universities and employers?

Yes, EasyShiksha's internship certificates are recognized and valued by universities, colleges, and employers worldwide. They serve as a testament to your skills, knowledge, and experience gained through our internship programs.

Q.Is the download of certificates free or paid?

While access to internships and all courses on EasyShiksha is free for users lifetime, there is a nominal operational cost associated with downloading certificates. This fee covers the administrative expenses involved in processing and issuing the certificates.

Q.When can I start the course?

Anyone can choose a preferred course and start immediately without any delay.

Q.What are the course and session timings?

As this is a purely online course program, you can choose to learn at any time of the day and for as much time as you want. Though we follow a well-established structure and schedule, we recommend a routine for you as well. But it finally depends on you, as you have to learn.

Q.What will happen when my course is over?

If you have completed the course, you would be able to have lifetime access to it for future reference too.

Q.Can I download the notes and study material?

Yes, you can access and download the content of the course for the duration. And even have lifetime access to it for any further reference.

Q. What software/tools would be needed for the course and how can I get them?

All the software/tools that you need for the course would be shared with you during the training as and when you need them.

Q. Do I get the certificate in a hard copy?

No, only a soft copy of the certificate will be awarded, which can be downloaded and printed, if required.

Q. I’m unable to make a payment. What to do now?

You can try to make the payment through a different card or account (maybe a friend or family). If the problem persists, email us at

Q. The payment got deducted, but the updated transaction status is showing “failed”. What to do now?

Due to some technical faults, this can happen. In such a case the amount deducted will be transferred to the bank account in the next 7-10 working days. Normally the bank takes this much time to credit the amount back into your account.

Q. The payment was successful but it still shows ‘Buy Now’ or not showing any videos on my dashboard? What should I do?

At times, there may be a slight delay in your payment reflecting on your EasyShiksha dashboard. However, if the problem is taking longer than 30 minutes, please let us know by writing to us at from your registered email id, and attach the screenshot of the payment receipt or transaction history. Soon after verification from the backend, we will update the payment status.

Q. What is the refund policy?

If you have enrolled, and are facing any technical problem then you can request a refund. But once the certificate has been generated, we shall not refund that.

Q.Can I just enrol in a single course?

Yes! You surely can. To begin this, just click the course of your interest and fill in the details to enrol. You are ready to learn, once the payment is made. For the same, you earn a certificate too.

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