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Information About State

Jharkhand, a state of eastern India is best known for its waterfalls, elegant religious belief temples of Parasnath Hill and also the elephants and tigers of Betla park. Ranchi, the gateway to the park is the capital of the state. The state was formed in the year 2000 by Bihar Reorganisation Act as the 28th state. Many tribes of the area have been diligently demanding a separate state, and thus the state got a separate statehood.

Approx 38 lakh hectares of land is cultivable which sets the importance of agriculture and also its dependence in the region. About 30 indigenous communities live in the state with major tribes being the Santhals, Oraons, Mundas, Kharias, Hos. Among the tribal population, the Mundal were the earliest prominent tribal settlers and the Santhals are the last of the tribal population. Buddhism and Jainism, the Mughals and Hindu kings are the biggest influencers for the tribal people of the state. The culture and history, the rulers and other features make Hindi the state language and a mother tongue for its natives. 28% are tribes, 12% the Scheduled Castes and 60% others constitute the population.

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Local Culture

The Dance and Music traditions of the major population that are the Mundas, Santhals, and Oraon of the tribal community is Jhumair, Hunta Dance, Mundari Dance, Barao Dance, Jitia Karam, Jenana Jhumur, Mardani Jhumur, etc.

Music is well defined and rich in the area. thus the importance of various instruments like Kadri, Gupijantra, Sarangi, Tuila, Vyang, Ananda Lahari and bansuri can be recognized.

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Educational and Employment Opportunities

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Art and Craft Industry

Agile puppets are sometimes made up of palm leaf painted silver with pink dots and fingers, giving the proper accents to everyday fun and frolic. wood cut-outs, glossed with canary paint which depicts the character. Another ancient craft of the tribes within the space is a stone carving which is scarce and close to extinction. Solely a few skilled stone carvers are left with the knowledge.

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