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About Elementary Schools

The second stage of the schooling process after Kindergartens are Elementary School or Primary schools. Generally, this stage starts from Grade 1, or First and continues till Grade 5. The authentic level of this phase of schooling resides in the age group of 5-10. Their syllabus and curriculum includes the making of base clear and growing into new fields of study, so the future schooling patterns can be used and thus specialised study can be done. Subjects in the Elementary classes are Mathematics, Science, Civics, History, Geography, Computers, English, Hindi, and in some states with other regional languages. The time of these schooling is from 8:00 am to 2:00 on an average, with two halves in a day. The cultural and traditional values are also celebrated, by honouring various events and annual fiestas, which develop social and cultural values in the students and a sense of mutual activities. Every class has a separate assessment according to the rules of the CBSE board but taken by the school itself under a standardised syllabus. One can only enter the next class once they are promoted to the next stage, after decent scores, on passing the previous examinations.

The stages of development of the candidate can only be checked according to the grasping power and interests of that particular candidate. It is different for different people, and thus varies distinctively. The teachers of these grades generally need professional education and an exam certificate of the course. Generally, the school allows various other debates and extracurricular activities to allow the elementary classes to choose and develop their interests accordingly.

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School Boards for Elementary Schools

The Elementary schools have different examinations for all schools, as per the different curriculums of that school, but pertaining to a particular board which the primary schools are following. Though these schools have a standardized course but still can not comply to follow any particular textbook or course material all over the country. Hence the examinations are held at the end of every year nearly around March-April, and the new class session begins in April itself after the results. To test the knowledge and education level various class tests, Unit tests, worksheets and exams take place.

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Facilities & Services with Infrastructure

School Libraries

Books on various genres, develop imagination and let the reader live a fantasy life or have experiences and knowledge about different eras. School provides various books, study materials, notes, magazines to cater to the demands of the budding community of readers and inculcate a habit of regular reading by choosing the best possible genres and have specified interests in the same. The more stock of books the better and thus hugely impacts the brand value and goodwill of the school.

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Admission Procedure

The process of getting admissions is easy, but choosing the best elementary schools in India is a tough choice for parents and guardians. Since these years will develop the character and manners of the student, based on which he/she will be perceived everywhere in the world. Hence before choosing, proper research and analysis and history for the schools must be checked thoroughly. Further, these steps must be taken into consideration.

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Activities & Infrastructure

The main features and activities of the Elementary school are to build a foundation and clear the concepts of the individuals that may help them in the future. Also, the focus must be given to the personality development and cultural and social value enhancement in a particular student so that they can set an example for the generation to come by.

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Which is the best board to choose for your child?

Before choosing, all pros and cons should be thoroughly analysed for all the boards. The decision of quoting the best board is subjective and depends on individual interests, what future, one wants to build, what kind of exposure one requires, what are the specialities of every type of board and so on. A child’s capabilities and interests play a major role in the decision-making exercise. With what trends the market is experiencing, the finances and fees required.

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