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Information About State

The northern state of India Haryana was anciently part of Punjab and was carved out on 1st November 1966, as the 17th Indian state. It is also called as "The Gateway of North India". There are a variety of theories about the origin of the name of Haryana. In ancient times, this territory was known as Brahmavarta and Aryavarta. The location of Haryana is to the northwest of India between 27 degrees 39' N to 30 degrees 35' N latitude and between 74 degrees 28' E to 77 degrees 36' E longitude and with an altitude between 700-3600 ft above sea level. The capital of Haryana is Chandigarh which is shared by its parent and nearby state of Punjab.

While flowing the natural course of the river; huge valleys are created, adding to the natural wonders of the state. One of these valleys is Umiam-Barapani, a very important and significant region for the development of electricity. Cherrapunji is the city and town receiving the highest amount of rainfall in the world. The area is almost rainy all time of the year.

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Local Culture

Brief History: The State of Meghalaya was created on 21 January 1972.The major population of the state is the tribal community of Khasis, Garos, the Pnars, the Hajongs, Karbis, and the Koch. The Krem Mawmluh cave, in the Khasi Hills, catered to the geologists to know of a climatic catastrophe, a mega drought that made extinct the bronze age civilizations, mainly the Harappan civilization, some 4200 years ago.

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Educational and Employment Opportunities

Mining and Resources

The State of Meghalaya is a storehouse of economic and commercial minerals. The current minerals being extracted are limestone, clay and sillimanite. These minerals have high values in terms of further usage for different all across the country. Some resources like Coal & Limestone are extracted in surplus hence are exported to Bangladesh. This increases the foreign exchange reserves of the country.

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