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2-3-4-6 Weeks Online Internship in Employment Law with Certificate

Employment Law Internships

Even a simple remark like "Imagine a world without any laws or policies" can demonstrate the relevance of law education. Don't you believe it'd be chaos, violence at its highest, and erratic behaviour if there was no moral duty, obligation, or founding base to look to for guidance? Even the globe would be devoid of tribunals, and the powerful would be in charge. Just, equal, and uncomplicated beings would be uninteresting to no one. There will be no courts to issue an order or a stay of execution. Even having a life would be unfathomable. As a result, law courses are one of the most significant and fundamental streams of the topic all over the world.

There are numerous law degrees available, and there are numerous paths to becoming a skilled lawyer. However, to be a good lawyer, you must also be a decent person, someone who can fight for what is right, what is true regardless of how it is viewed, someone who believes in equality and the rule of law above all, and who practises and preaches his or her constitutional duties above all.

To have value in the eyes of other people and have legitimate behaviour towards fellow beings, it is always recommended to know the law. All possible lawmakers are the ones who know every writ, amendment, and petition; when and why that particular law was made. Because the principal decision-making body and resolution maker of any country, the constitution, is written and laid solely by lawyers, it is one of the most respectable jobs among persons. As a result, attorneys in each country's politics are dominated by it. In addition, the position of a corporate lawyer is one of the highest-paid in the world.


A researcher or a lecturer's assistant is responsible for this. These are usually legal professors, teachers, and academics. They're also someone who works on research projects, such as case studies. They are often compensated for using their brains, speaking, and thinking. 


Litigation aids lawyers in their preparation for both the private and public realms. Individuals can choose from a variety of conduct and specialists based on their areas of interest in certain sectors of law such as taxation, constitutional law, family law, and so on.

Corporate Counsel

A company/corporate counsel is an in-house legal counsel who assists with legal concerns relating to the business, such as property rights, labour laws, and other external disputes. These attorneys assist in the drafting, reviewing, and negotiating of contracts; assuring and monitoring compliance with the company's rules and laws, and resolving legal disputes arising from the company's essential business tasks.

The important employers for the same are

  • Multinational Corporations
  • Private companies
  • Private Banks
  • Government Agencies
  • Public Sector Undertakings

A written competitive exam is sometimes used by government agencies to employ lawyers.

  • LAW Firms
  • Social Work
  • Judicial Services/Civil Services
  • Legal Process Outsourcing
  • Judicial Clerkship
  • Media and LAW
  • Legal Publishing
  • Law Reporting
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