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A person never gets her/his personality by birth which is a very well known fact, five main determinants are affecting, which are :

  • Biological factors
  • Social factors
  • Family factors
  • Situational factors
  • Cultural factors

A person’s personality can never be categorized as good or bad and the following are the facts about personality :

  • It’s acquired
  • Its influenced by social interaction
  • It’s unique and differs
  • It brings out who a person is actually

Personality is one of the main things in everyone’s life right from childhood as it shows how we behave with our family members, friends and our colleagues. Our relationships in terms of work and life are being judged by our acts. Personality is quite different in everyone, and some may be kind, gentle, some may be rude and arrogant, a few may be patient etc.

Personality development talks about as a whole about how a person talks, thinks, looks and behaves. A person who wants to get success at the corporate level, a good personality is a must them. Where few would already have while few may not, for those who don’t, there are again many personality development programs available as a whole, where they get trained right from top to bottom. In those programs, they are taught how to speak in public, how to gain attention, how to be a good speaker etc. They are taught how to gain self-confidence, which many people lack. Some people train in logical thinking as they suffer while making decisions in crucial periods, few require assistance to set their career goals, tips and tricks about time management, improvising self-esteem and self-confidence etc. 

Piaget's theory of cognitive development has four stages that correlate to the child's age: sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal operational.

Oral Stage

This stage grows from zero to one-and-a-half years. During this period the mouth is the delicate zone of the body and the principal wellspring of happiness and joy for the youngster. How the newborn child is focused on by the mother makes the baby trust or doubt the world (addressed by my mother) around him. Assuming his needs are often fulfilled, he creates trust and accepts that the world will deal with him. 

Anal Stage 

Towards the finish of the gnawing time of the oral stage, the youngster can walk, talk, and eat all alone. He can hold or deliver something that he has. This is valid for inside and bladder work too. He can either hold or deliver his inside and bladder substance. 

Genital (Oedipal) Stage

The assignment for this period is to create and fortify drive, bombing which the youngster fosters an overwhelming inclination of blame. This period reaches out from the third to sixth long stretches of life, i.e preschool period. He is currently fit for starting action, both scholarly just as an engine all alone. How far this drive is built up relies on how much actual opportunity is given to the kid and how far his interest is fulfilled. In case he is directed to feel terrible about his conduct or his inclinations, he might develop a feeling of the blame for the self-started exercises. 

Dormancy Stage

This stage covers the period from 6 to 11 years, i.e., young. The kid can reason out objectively and can utilize the apparatuses that grown-ups use. The sexual interests and interests (normal in the genital period) get stifled till adolescence. Whenever energized and given freedom, he acquires trust in his capacity to perform and utilize grown-up materials. This prompts a sensation of industry in him. 

Pre-adulthood Stage: 

This period, viewed as a time of disturbance, for the most part, begins at 12-13 years and can stretch out up to 18-19 years. The young people, during this momentary cycle from youth to development, act something like a grown-up and some of the time like a youngster. Guardians also show their indecision to acknowledge them in their new job of a grown-up taking shape.

The best job available in this field is being a personal development trainee.

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