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Social Sciences

The social sciences study how individuals interact with one another and with their surroundings. The word spans a wide range of disciplines, including psychology, sociology, and economics. Students develop broad abilities that can be used to a variety of vocations in social sciences programmes. 

Analytical, critical thinking and research abilities are developed in social science degree programmes. With a social science degree, students can pursue a variety of jobs, the majority of which need collaboration. As a result, success in the industry is dependent on interpersonal communication, presenting, and writing skills. To assess the needs of their clients, social workers, for example, use interview skills and active listening. To keep track of case histories and compile reports, they'll require solid organisational skills. To make decisions, they need to comprehend human behaviour.

Economists are interested in how society uses resources, such as money. To comprehend economic policy, they mix their social science and mathematical backgrounds. They must have strong reasoning abilities and the ability to make decisions based on logic. 

Careers and Jobs in Social Sciences


Sociologists investigate the social interactions of people. Surveys, observations, and interviews are used to plan research initiatives and collect data. They then examine the information to draw conclusions that can influence governmental decisions or community responses to societal issues such as health, crime, and poverty. Survey researcher, statistician, and demographer are all related jobs. 

Professional in Criminal Justice 

Criminal justice specialisation equips students for a variety of vocations in the justice and prison systems. Probation officials, for example, assist offenders in reestablishing their life after they have been released from prison. They provide random drug tests, provide substance misuse counselling, and testify in court regarding the treatment plan and success of probationers.


Economists study data on employment, worker productivity, and wage levels. Their research aids government agencies and politicians in determining the economic impact of certain behaviours and policies. These experts can assist businesses in determining consumer demand and determining service price points. A master's or doctoral degree is required for most economists.

Worker in Social Services 

Social workers assist their clients in overcoming obstacles. They identify people's needs and connect them with organisations and agencies that can help them. Government institutions, hospitals, and charitable groups all employ social workers. A state licence and a bachelor's degree are usually required in most states. 

Counselling and mental health therapy are provided by some social workers. To be eligible for licensure, many jobs require a master's degree and supervised practice.

Political Analyst 

Political scientists investigate national politics, comparative politics, and political theory using quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. They keep an eye on current events as well as policy decisions. Their research aids in the prediction of political, social, and economic trends. Political scientists are most frequently hired by the federal government.

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