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About Java language

The java language is based on concept of OOP. Java programming language has its own structure and syntax rules. Java is much similar with c programming language in syntax rules for example in both variables are declared before they used.

Installation of Eclipse

Two things are initial requirement to write java programming codes. First we need java development kit (JDK) and second one is source code editor. JDK needed to compile and run the java programs. To write a program source code editor is require.                                 


The programs which are written in java language, to run them JRE (Java Runtime Environment) is require. JRE contains JVM, code libraries and other component. JRE is available for many platforms.


Integrated development environment combines a source code editor which and some tools for software development.


Sun Java 6 JDK

If you want to install Java Standard Edition development kit (JDK), Sun’s java download site helpful for it:

You have to go Java SE JDK download page.

Then you can click on windows


Then you can click the download button. Click on skip this page on dialogue box. Now you can run the installer and follow next instructions.