Complete Google Certified Educator Level 1 and 2 Masterclass

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Complete Google Certified Educator Level 1 and 2 Masterclass Description

2 COURSES IN ONE: Complete Google Certified Educator Level 1 Masterclass, Complete Google Certified Educator Level 2 MasterclassGoogle Certified Educator Level 1 Training Google Certified Educator Level 2 Training - Mastering Google Classroom G Suite - Teaching Online - Google Drive

Recent Updates:

  • Extra Bonus on Security - Security Is Everything! (Section 13)

  • Google Scholar For Researching Articles and Case Laws (Section 29)

  • Google Alerts to Receive New Content Daily or Weekly (Section 30)

  • Google Maps to Understand the World and Browse the World (Section 31)

  • Webassessor Skills to Pass and Register for The Exam (Section 34)

  • Link to My Certifications Is Added on First Section

  • Added 3 Videos Guide for New Google Classroom Update 1. Environment 2. Invite by Url 3. Return Once All with 1 Click

Demonstrate your mastery of Google tools in your classroom with the Google Certified Educator Level 1 and 2 Exam today - learn to make new experiences with your student and bring new excitement to learning experience everywhere you go - learn to lead everything professionally and completely.

Google Certified Educator Level 1 and Level 2 (GCE L1 and L2) is a course designed and managed professionally and completely for personal use and getting certified by Google in Education as part of teaching and student learning. Our focus is to make every content go complete and teach you completely so you never miss any chance of certifications. In this course, we covered everything you need for your personal use and educational purposes.

I am myself Google Certified Educator Level 1 and 2 and I know how to do the right thing to get certified easily and more fun. I am living where we don't have full security and electricity but I did my best to master every Google Tools for teaching class and online. So let's get certified no matter what!

You might say well I am not an educator I want to use for personal use like Microsoft Office. Well, this course fits you too. We are focusing to help you learn any concept to understand Google Tools for your productivity and efficiency.

And TJ Walker will help you to make a great slide presentation! TJ will go through each and help you. As a teacher, our job is a presentation so we should learn how to do it properly and with a higher win. Don't worry if you worry about how you look, we explain in every way through speaking to makeup. Join us now!


Course Content

Complete Google Certified Educator Level 1 and 2 Masterclass Promo Video You Need to Master Each Google Tools Today Are You Ready to Take the Exam, Here Is how To Do Quick Win - How to Take the Exam Level 1 or Level 2 Complete Guide of Getting Google Certification Quick Win - Google Search with Keywords Google Search Environment Add More Keywords to Have Better Results AND and OR Searching with Google Search Advanced Search with Find in Page Google Search Narrow You Search with Advanced Searching Search Exactly What You Want Using Quotations Better searches. Better results. (part 1) Better searches. Better results. (part 2) Google Search with Speech Input Google Search All, Videos and Books Tab Google Search Images and News Tab Google Search Settings Google Search Tools Search in Google by Image Google Search Mobile and Tablet App Quick Win - Schedule Your Email Sending to Save Time Another Quick Win - Auto Spelling and Grammar Check in Gmail Gmail Quick Sign Up Gmail Interface and Environment Sending Email and Receiving Email in Gmail Gmail Tabs in Interface Gmail Quick Settings Advanced Gmail Settings (Part 1) Advanced Gmail Settings (Part 2) Advanced Gmail Settings (Part 3) Gmail Add-ons Google Account Settings Google Account Settings Privacy and Personalization Google Account Date and Personalization Google Account Settings Security Issues, Account storage, Take the Privacy Check Google Account Settings Security Google Account settings People and Sharing Gmail Mobile and Tablet App Quick Win - Send Files Using Google Drive in Gmail Another Quick Win - Everything You Need Is Here Google Drive Intro Google Desktop App Installation Google Drive Configuration Set-Up Google Drive Instant Upload with Desktop App Google Drive App Settings Google Drive Search and Add-ons Google Drive Folder Google Drive Upload and Download Creating File and Folder in Google Drive Google Drive Folder Options Part 1 Creating Groups using Google Contact Google Drive Folder Options Part 2 Google Drive File Options Google Drive Gear Settings Google Drive Mobile and Tablet App Quick Win - Style Your Table Easily in Google Docs Google Docs Complete Environment We Will Learn Menu-Based Then Project Based Google Docs Document View Google Docs Tools (Part 1) Google Docs Tools (Part 2) Inserting Image and Images Options Google Docs File Menu (Part 1) Google Docs File Menu (Part 2) Google Docs Edit Menu Google Docs View Menu Google Docs Inserting (Part 1) Google Docs Inserting Char (Part 2) Google Docs Inserting Char (Part 3) Creating E Book Section and Page Number Google Docs Format Menu Google Docs Tools, Add-ons, and Help Creating Time Table Using Table in Google Docs Creating Bill System Using Google Docs Quick Win - Add Slides Number in Google Slides Google Slides Intro and Opening Google Slide Environment Google Slides Tool bar (Part 1) Google Slides Tool bar (Part 2) Google Slides Tool bar (Part 3) Google Slides Right Click Google Slides Tool bar (Part 4) Google Slide File Menu Google Slide Edit Menu Google Slides View Menu Google Slide Insert Menu Master Theme Settings Google Slide Insert Menu Google Slide Slide and Arrange Menu Google Slide Lasts Menu Google Slide Projects 1 Google Slide Projects 2 Google Slide Projects 3 Google Slide Projects 4 Only Liars Say 'There Is No time to Rehearse the PowerPoint Presentation' If Your PowerPoint Presentation Bores You, Guess Who Else It Bores Laser Pointers Should Be Used Like This One Image Per Slide Is the Golden Rule Never Let PowerPoint Be Your Downer Don't Become a Character In Your Own Horror Movie The Perfect Length of time for a PowerPoint Presentation Is... This Is How You Cheat To Win On Every PowerPoint Challenge Plan Your PowerPoint Preparation This Way Test Your PowerPoint On a fresh Set of Eyes and Ears If You Don't Want Your Audience to Ignore Your PowerPoint, Do This Answer These Questions Before Using Video In PowerPoint Presentations Assume You Are the Only Competent, Trustworthy Person In the World Don't Forget the Occasional Prop Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should Notes on Special Effects The Perfect Way to Start Every PowerPoint Presentation Managers Will NEVER Have to Look at boring Employee PowerPoint Again! Here Is How to Deliver Somebody Else's PowerPoint Presentation Your PowerPoint Presentation Still Requires Stories Never Talk About Your PowerPoint Free Focus Group Research to Make all Your PowerPoint Presentations Improve The Perfect Number of Bullet Points Per slide Is... The Perfect Number of PowerPoint Slides Is... Quick Win - Share Your Sheets Instantly in Google Sheets Quick Win - Make Beautiful Tables in Google Sheet Google Sheets Intro Google Sheets Interface Google Sheets Tool Bar Google Sheets File and View Menu Google Sheets Edit Menu Google Sheets Insert (With Chart Example) Google Sheets Format Google Sheets Date Google Sheets Tools, Add-ons and Help Google Sheets Salary (Part 1) Google Sheets Salary (Part 2) Google Sheets Currency Converter Google Sheets Chart Example Basic Functions with Google Sheets Date Validation Pivot Table in Google Sheet Slicers Google Sheets in Piviot Quick Win - Make Your Google Form Cover Personalized Quick Win - Make Your Forms to Quiz Mode Google Forms Overview Creating A Forms and Adding Questions Google Forms Preview and Theme Customization Google Forms Response Collaboration and Send in Google Forms Google Forms Gear Icon Settings Quizzes Mode with Google Forms Quick Win - Crop the Images in Google Drawings Quick Win - Manage and Order in Google Drawings Google Drawings Overview and Environment Google Drawings Toolbar Google Drawings File Menu - Save as Image and Facebook Cover Example Google Drawings Edit Menu - Duplicate Example Google Drawings View Google Drawing Insert Menu Google Drawing Format Menu Google Drawings Arrange, Tools, Help Google Jamboard Overview Complete Guide of Google Jamboard Quick Win - Share Your Calendar with Google Calendar Quick Win - Create Your Website Instantly in Google Site Quick Win - Add Your Logo to Your Website in Google Site Google Sites Overview Start Google Site Creation - Header and Publish Creating Website Using Google Site Template Create a Blank Website Using Google Site Google Hangouts Complete Guide Google Duo Blogger Sign in And Blog Creation Blogger Settings Complete Google Guide Complete Google Keep Google Contact Complete Guide Google Earth Guide and Installation Google Earth Tour Guide Google Help Google Chat Google Chat Guide (NEW) Webassessor Why Chart Is Not Having Header?

What You Need For This Course?

  • Access to Smart Phone / Computer
  • Good Internet Speed (Wifi/3G/4G)
  • Good Quality Earphones / Speakers
  • Basic Understanding of English
  • Dedication & Confidence to clear any exam

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Is the course 100% online? Does it require any offline classes too?

The following course is fully online, and hence there is no need for any physical classroom session. The lectures and assignments can be accessed anytime and anywhere through a smart web or mobile device.

Q.When can I start the course?

Anyone can choose a preferred course and start immediately without any delay.

Q.What are the course and session timings?

As this is a purely online course program, you can choose to learn at any time of the day and for as much time as you want. Though we follow a well-established structure and schedule, we recommend a routine for you as well. But it finally depends on you, as you have to learn.

Q.What will happen when my course is over?

If you have completed the course, you would be able to have lifetime access to it for future reference too.

Q.Can I download the notes and study material?

Yes, you can access and download the content of the course for the duration. And even have lifetime access to it for any further reference.

Q. What software/tools would be needed for the course and how can I get them?

All the software/tools that you need for the course would be shared with you during the training as and when you need them.

Q. Do I get the certificate in a hard copy?

No, only a soft copy of the certificate will be awarded, which can be downloaded and printed, if required.

Q. I’m unable to make a payment. What to do now?

You can try to make the payment through a different card or account (maybe a friend or family). If the problem persists, email us at

Q. The payment got deducted, but the updated transaction status is showing “failed”. What to do now?

Due to some technical faults, this can happen. In such a case the amount deducted will be transferred to the bank account in the next 7-10 working days. Normally the bank takes this much time to credit the amount back into your account.

Q. The payment was successful but it still shows ‘Buy Now’ or not showing any videos on my dashboard? What should I do?

At times, there may be a slight delay in your payment reflecting on your EasyShiksha dashboard. However, if the problem is taking longer than 30 minutes, please let us know by writing to us at from your registered email id, and attach the screenshot of the payment receipt or transaction history. Soon after verification from the backend, we will update the payment status.

Q. What is the refund policy?

If you have enrolled, and are facing any technical problem then you can request a refund. But once the certificate has been generated, we shall not refund that.

Q.Can I just enrol in a single course?

Yes! You surely can. To begin this, just click the course of your interest and fill in the details to enrol. You are ready to learn, once the payment is made. For the same, you earn a certificate too.

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