How Retargeting Works–The Complete Guide To Retargeting Ads!

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How Retargeting Works–The Complete Guide To Retargeting Ads! Description

Hi, I'm Isaac Rudansky and welcome to my complete remarketing / retargeting course where you're going to learn how to profitably re-engage with your abandoning website visitors to get them to come back to your site at the right time and with the right message.

This course pulls from a huge variety of experience managing hundreds of unique retargeting ads campaigns for a broad range of clients in almost every vertical out there. 

Our clients often ask me, "What is retargeting and how does it work?" 

Retargeting, which is also referred to as remarketing (they're the same thing) is any digital advertising campaign that targets ads promoting your products and services to people who had previously bounced off your site. 

95% of your website visitors do not convert (or take any revenue-generating action) on their first visit. I am going to teach you the art and science of retargeting so you can have a chance to convert the vast majority of your visitors that simply weren't ready to convert on their first visit. 

Retargeting is the most effective way to bring those users back (through your actual, live retargeting ad campaigns), at the precise time that they're ready to convert. 

I'm going to explain exactly how retargeting works from a technological perspective, and I'm going to show you how the technology has matured and advanced through the years. Simply put, retargeting is accomplished through dropping cookies on your visitors' browsers which allows your retargeting platform to follow that user around the internet. 

Cookies are dropped on your visitors' browser through a little piece of code that you put on your site, often referred to as a pixel. If you're remarketing with AdWords, then AdWords is going to supply the pixel for you to place on your site. If you're remarketing with Adroll, then Adroll will supply their cookie for you to place on their site. 

All this talk of cookies, pixels and tracking codes may sound complex, but in fact it's really easy to learn once you get the hang of it. The technology isn't the important part of this course .... what I teach you about understanding your customers psychologically and how to actually configure, develop and optimize profitable retargeting campaigns is where the true value lies.

Retargeting remains one of the most effective forms of online advertising, and it's used by your competitors to convert the majority of their traffic. Experts predict that within the next few years, most if not all display ads inventory on the web will be remarketing and retargeting ads. 

Retargeting is so effective because it helps you stay in the forefront of your customers' minds and enables you to bring them back to your website when they're actually ready to convert. Every time your customer engages with one of your retargeted ads, you increase your brand recognition and make it all the more likely that that shopper will eventually become a customer of yours.

Retargeting campaigns typically see much higher click through rates and conversion rates than traditional search and display campaigns, which further illustrates how important it is that you have the knowledge and skills to develop your own successful remarketing and retargeting campaigns.

Using Google AdWords Remarketing campaigns, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and more, I will teach you step by step how to finally get the maximum value out of your website visitors with highly successful retargeting campaigns.


In this course you will learn:


  • What retargeting and how does it work? 
  • What are remarketing campaigns in Google AdWords?
  • The technology behind retargeting and how "follow-me" ads actually get served
  • The history of ad exchanges and ad networks
  • How to look at your website visitors from a psychological perspective 
  • How to plan and develop your remarketing lists
  • The concepts of the buyers funnel and how to determine where in the funnel your visitors are 
  • The concept of engagement and how to use intent signals to your advantage
  • How to use Google Tag Manager to track advanced audience segments like scroll depth tracking and on-site session timers
  • How to deploy your tags and variables through Google Tag Manager 
  • How to use Google Analytics to track the most important metrics and data
  • How to set up, optimize and manage your remarketing campaigns inside Google AdWords

Course Content

What is remarketing and retargeting Welcome to the retargeting The Digital Advertising Ecosystem Part 1 The Digital Advertising Ecosystem Part 2 Understanding Ad Exchanges And How They Work What Remarketing Looks Like On The Inside Audiences and Segments: The Foundation Of Your Remarketing Strategy Understanding Intent Signals and Visitor Engagement Behavioral Characteristics - The Composition Of Your Segments Combining Characteristics - Infinite Possibilities! Characteristics That Matter To You ... Your First Assignment Funnel Based Segmentation - Funnel Mapping Mapping Your Ad Groups Using Your Lists and Values (Part 2) Mapping Your Ad Groups Using Your Lists and Values (Part 1) Using Your Website To Plan Your Remarketing Lists Funnel Based Segmentation - Using The Funnel To Develop Your Lists Introduction To The Google Analytics Tag Logging In To Google Analytics Account & Retrieving Your Analytics Tracking Tag Adding Your Google Analytics Tag To Your Website And Verifying That It's Working Setting Up Your Google AdWords Remarketing Tag Using Google Tag Manager Adding Google Adwords Conversion Tracking Through Google Tag Manager Adding Your Basic Google Analytics Tag Through Google Tag Manager Adding Custom User Engagement Timers In Google Tag Manager Setting Up Custom Button and Link Click Tracking In Google Tag Manager Signing Into Your Google Tag Manager Account The Benefits Of Using Google Tag Manager Adding Page Level Scroll Depth Tracking In Google Tag Manager Setting Up Event Based Audiences Using The Google Analytics Display Builder Data Drilldown - Using In-Market Segments To Enhance Your Remarketing Audiences Data Drilldown- Using Affinity Categories To Enhance Your Remarketing Campaigns Importing Remarketing Audiences From The Google Analytics Solutions Gallery Setting Up Goal Based Remarketing Audiences In Google Analytics Setting Up Remarketing Sequences In The Google Analytics Audience Builder Developing Remarketing Audiences Using Your AdWords Campaigns and AdWords Data Building Remarketing Audiences In Google Analytics Based On URL Attributes Introduction To The Google Analytics Audience Builder Linking Your Google AdWords and Google Analytics Accounts How Google Analytics and AdWords Talk To Each Other Importing Google Analytics Goals into AdWords For Conversion Tracking Viewing and Analyzing Google Analytics Remarketing Audiences in Google AdWords Introduction To Building Retargting Ads Lists In Google AdWords Building and Configuring New Retargeting ads lists inside Google AdWords Using Custom Combinations To Effectively Sculpt Your Retargeting Ads Traffic

What You Need For This Course?

  • Access to Smart Phone / Computer
  • Good Internet Speed (Wifi/3G/4G)
  • Good Quality Earphones / Speakers
  • Basic Understanding of English
  • Dedication & Confidence to clear any exam

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