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Natural Resources: Natural Resources Worksheet for Class 3 - EasyShiksha

EVS Worksheet : Natural Resources For Class 3


Natural resources are naturally occurring substances that are useful to man or could be useful under conceivable technology. This includes the sources of valued characteristics such as commercial and industrial use, aesthetic value, the scientific interest and cultural value. These are the resources that are found in the environment and are developed without any intervention of humans. Common examples of natural resources include air, water, sunlight, soil, sunlight, stone, plants, animals and fossil fuels etc.

Natural resources are used to make food, fuel and raw materials for the production of goods to us . All of the food that living organisms eat comes from plants or animals. Natural resources such as coal, natural gas and oil provide heat, light and power to us.

Different types of natural resources


Clean air is important for all the plants, animals, and humans to survive on the planet. So, it is necessary to take measures to reduce air pollution.


70% of the Earth is covered with water and only 2 % of that is freshwater. Immediate Initiative to educate and regulate the use of water should be taken.


Soil is composed of various particles and nutrients. It helps plants grow which are the basics of every food chain.


It is made from silica and is used to build strong weapons, transportation and buildings


As the population increases, the demand for housing and construction projects also increases. Forests provide clean air and preserve the ecology of the world.

As the world gets more modern and the population grows, there is more demand for housing and construction projects. This reduces open green spaces. Forests are necessary to preserve the ecology of the world that supports all of the natural resources and life.


Coal is estimated to be able to last less than 200 more years. One of the major issues is that as countries such as China increase their demands on the coal supply, it will dwindle faster

Coal is also the primary source of air pollutants in the world, so there is much discussion about regulating its usage. The problem is it is one of the cheapest sources of fuel for industrial applications.


The general estimate is that with the projected rate of consumption of oil supplies and known resources, there is enough oil to last for 40-50 more years While many in the oil industry are pushing to be allowed to frack and drill in protected areas to look for undiscovered oil fields, little has been done to address the question of what will happen to the Earth’s crust when the fields are empty, and there are large empty cavities beneath the Earth.


Salt is mined through one of four methods: rock salt mining underground, solution mining by injecting a solvent that dissolves underground salt and then is recovered through solar evaporations, sea water evaporation in which sea water is collected in solar evaporation ponds, and inland solar evaporation which is similar to sea water evaporation but inland.

Instructions to solve the worksheet

Below are some pictures of things that we use in our lives on a daily basis. For each of the items listed below write the names of natural resources used to make it.

Importance of Environmental Education

  • EVS helps children to develop their own insights into the functioning of several things or understanding human processes in their environment. Such interactions with their surrounding environment are immensely important for the healthy development of children.
  • Not only does environmental education offer opportunities for experiential learning outside of the classroom, it enables students to make connections and apply their learning in the real world.
  • EVS helps learners see the interconnectedness of social, ecological, economic, cultural, and political issues.
  • By providing environmental education to students they will engage problem-solving techniques of the outer world to their subjects to understand a particular problem by implying outdoor environmental solutions.
  • Environmental Education gives students a new meaning of exploring mother nature to see and resolve the issues which are harmful to the environment and this will also help them in maintaining their own health by doing physical work so that their bodies will be immune from some serious health issues such as short-sightedness, obesity and in some cases even lack concentration.
  • The one major issues which we need to deal with is pollution and if we don’t educate our kids about the hazardous effects of environmental damage there will be no future of the world.
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