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Preposition Questions with Answers


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  • Question 1:-The boy ran _______ the street.

    Answer:-The boy ran across the street.

    Question 2:-He walked _______ the building.

    Answer:-He walked around the building.

    Question 3:-The train goes_______ a tunnel.

    Answer:-The train goes through a tunnel.

    Question 4:-I walked _______ the river bank.

    Answer:-I walked along the river bank.

    Question 5:-Who is standing _______ the gate?

    Answer:-Who is standing at the gate?

    Question 6:-Your glasses are _______ your nose.

    Answer:-Your glasses are on your nose.

    Question 7:-The cat is hiding _______ the door.

    Answer:-The cat is hiding behind the door.

    Question 8:-Come and stand _______ me, Jane.

    Answer:-Come and stand in front of me, Jane.

    Question 9:-The dog came running_______ its master, wagging its tail.

    Answer:-The dog came running to its master, wagging its tail.

    Question 10:-They walked _______ each other.

    Answer:-They walked towards each other.

    Question 11:- I will see you _______ Saturday.

    Answer:-I will see you on Saturday.

    Question 12:-The class will start _______ 9:30am.

    Answer:-The class will start at 9:30am.

    Question 13:-There is a bee _______ the room.

    Answer:-There is a bee in the room.

    Question 14:-She comes _______ Australia.

    Answer:-She comes from Australia.

    Question 15:-The dog sat _______ the poolside.

    Answer:-The dog sat by the poolside.

    Question 16:-What are you looking _______?

    Answer:- What are you looking at ?

    Question 17:-The kids are sitting _______ the block.

    Answer:-The kids are sitting around the block.

    Question 18:-Can he be relied _______?

    Answer:-Can he be relied upon ?

    Question 19:-Sherry threw the ball _______ the kitchen counter.

    Answer:-Sherry threw the ball over the kitchen counter.

    Question 20:-This letter was written _______ Sarah.

    Answer:-This letter was written by Sarah.

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