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Online GK Questions for Class 1 Kids | Best Kids Learning Platform - Easyshiksha

G.K. Question Class 1


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About Myself :-

  • 1. My name is_________.

    Answer:- Write your own name(My name is XYZ.).

  • 2. I am_________ year old.

    Answer:- How old are you(Eg:-I am 6 years old).

  • 3. I am a_________.

    Answer:- Mention what do you do(Eg:-I am a student.)..

  • 4. I live in_________.

    Answer:- Mention where do you live(Eg:-I live in Durgapur.).

  • 5. There are_________people in my family.

    Answer:- Mention how many members are there in your family.(Ex:-There are 6 people in my family.).

  • 6. My father's name is Mr._________.

    Answer:- Mention your father's name(Ex:-My father's name is XYZ.).

  • 7. My mother's name is Mrs_________.

    Answer:- Mention your mother's name(Ex:-My mother's name is Mrs XYZ.).

  • 8. My father works in_________.

    Answer:- Mention your father's profession(Ex:-Teacher.).

  • 9. I have_________ brothers and _________sister's.

    Answer:- Mention number of siblings you have(Ex:-i have 3 brothers and 3 sister's.).

  • 10. I study in class_________.

    Answer:- Mention which class you study in(I study in class 2.).

  • 11. I get up at_________ in the morning.

    Answer:- Mention at what time you wake up (Ex:-I get up at 5 o'clock in the morning.).

  • 12. My favourite colour is_________.

    Answer:- Mention your favourite colour(Ex:-My favourite colour is Purple.).

  • 13. My favourite food is_________.

    Answer:- Mention your favourite food(Ex:-My favourite food is pizza.).

    Answer:- Mention your favourite food(Ex:-My favourite food is pizza.).

  • 14. I like to play_________games with my sister and also love to play_________ with my friends.

    Answer:- Which game do you like to play(Ex:-I like to play indoor games with my sister and also love to play cricket with my friends.).

  • 15. My favourite flower is_________.

    Answer:- Mention which flower do you like (Ex:-My favourite flower is Sunflower).

  • 16. My favourite fruit is_________.

    Answer:- Mention your favourite fruit name(Ex:-Banana).

  • 17. I like watching_________and my favourite_________character is _________.

    Answer:-Mention which tv shows do you like most and favourite character of that shows(Ex:-I like watching cartoons and my favourite cartoon character is Chota Bheem).

  • 18. My best friend's name is_________.

    Answer:-Mention your best friend name(Ex:-My best friend's name is XYZ.).

  • 19. My favourite subject is_________.

    Answer:-Which subject do you like most(Ex:-My favourite subject is English.).

  • 20. My class teacher's name is_________.

    Answer:- Write your class teacher's name(Ex:-My class teacher's name is XYZ.).

About Body Parts :-

  • 1. How many fingers does the human hand have?

    Answer:-4 fingers and 1 thumb.

  • 2. How many sense organs are there in the Human body?

    Answer:-The 5 sense organs are:-

  • 3. Human body has how many hands?

    Answer:- 2 hands

  • 4. Function of ears:-

    Answer:- Hear.

  • 5. A child has how many teeth?

    Answer:-20 teeth.

  • 6. We chew food through:-


  • 7. We smell food with:-


  • 8. We taste food with:-

    Answer:- Tongue.

  • 9. The colour of our hair is?


  • 10. An adult has how many teeth?

    Answer:- 32 teeth.

  • 11. We walk with our ?

    Answer:- Feet.

  • 12. We see objects with our?

    Answer:- Eyes

  • 13. The tallest finger in our hand is?

    Answer:-Middle finger.

  • 14. The largest sense organ of our human body is?


  • 15. We have _________nose?

    Answer:- 1

  • 16. A human has_________ eyebrows?

    Answer:- 2

  • 17. A human body has _________leg?

    Answer:- 2

  • 18. We use our neck to move?


  • 19. Function of our stomach?

    Answer:- Helps to digest food.

  • 20. Function of Bones?

    Answer:- Gives shape and support to a body.

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