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English Worksheet : Adjective worksheet for class 2

Identify adjective
Circle the correct adjective in the sentence


What is an 'adjective'?

Definition: An adjective is a word that modifies a noun or a pronoun.

So all we have to observe all the pictures Then circle the correct adjective words in the sentences.

Eg. Rita drank the hot chocolate at once

Here word 'hot' is an Adjective.

In this particular worksheet, the children are asked to circle adjectives in the given sentence

How will these worksheets help the young students ( who are probably only very young, and new to even basic English concepts)?

The students will learn to 'familiarize' themselves with the basic concepts of identifying adjectives in a given sentence. In this case, the young students have to circle adjectives according to the picture But let's not go too far from the point. Again the example that perfectly explains what an adjective is:

Eg. Cats usually love to drink cold milk.

Wherein we already had noticed that word 'love' modified noun 'Cats' in a sentence from the worksheet.

So here the students are expected to Look at the picture and identify adjective words also circle in sentences. The circled adjective word which the student can later verify on the following page, ie answer key.

In addition, these worksheets will enable the students to memorize what they have learned upon a comparison of their answers with the answer key.

A better Description of sheet 1

It is very basic in the English language to observe the first worksheet, that the children are asked to circle adjective word according to picture.

For eg. In the very first problem ( this was illustrated in the introduction, but will be repeated here for further clarity) in the questionnaire, the student is asked to circle the adjective words. He/she has to circle the following adjective word in a given sentence

Rita drank hot ' chocolate at once.

It's obvious that like mentioned above in the introduction, that the student will learn to familiarise themselves with the basic concept of adjectives.

Now, a better Description of sheet 2

Even though the second sheet which is provided looks similar to sheet 1, upon closer observation, the child will find that both pages are indeed not the same.

He/she also will notice that this is the 'answer key' in which all the solutions to the questionnaire are given for the child’s convenience.


In this particular worksheet, the student is asked to answer the questions and compare the answers. upon doing that what will he learn?

The children will learn the proper use of the answer keys.

The students will learn to use an answer key to memorize basic concepts like adjectives.

Here it's very clear that this is intended to teach a simple English grammar concept of adjectives in an easy-to-learn fashion.

It also includes colorful text and pictures that are interesting for a young student, which will keep him engaged in the learning process also enthusiastic.

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