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NOUN Questions with Answers


1.Question:- What is a noun?
Answer:- A noun is a word that identifies or names a person, a place, thing or idea.

2. Question: -What is a common noun?
Answer:- Common noun name any person, place, thing or idea.

3.Question:-What is a material noun?
Answer:-Material noun is a grammar term that refers to a material or substance from which things are made such as silver, gold, iron, cotton, diamond and plastic.

4.Question:-Two examples of common nouns?
Answer:-Dog, girl and country are examples of common nouns.

5.Question:-What are types of nouns?
Answer:- common noun, Proper noun, concrete noun, Abstract noun, collective noun, count and mass nouns.

6.Question:-How to identify common nouns?.
Answer:-A common noun is the general non-specific term for a person, place, thing or idea. Usually, common nouns are not capitalised unless they begin a sentence.

7.Question:-Examples of proper nouns?
Answer:-September, Argentina and Titanic are some examples of proper nouns.

8.Question:-Examples of uncountable nouns?
Answer:-Uncountable nouns are homework, money, permission, traffic and travel are uncountable nouns.

9.Question:-What is a count noun?
Answer:-A noun which refers to something that can be counted.

10.Question:-Examples of count nouns?
Answer:-House, car, bush, point are some of the examples of count nouns.

11.Question:-Examples of common nouns?
Answer:-Mother, father, lion, tiger, table and truck are some examples of common nouns.

12.Question:-Examples of abstract nouns?
Answer:-liberty, anger, freedom and generosity are some examples of abstract nouns.

13.Question:-What is masculine nouns?
Answer:-Masculine nouns are words for men, boys and male animals.

14.Question:-Examples of masculine nouns?
Answer:-Man, boy and uncle are some examples of Masculine nouns.

15.Question:-What is a feminine noun?
Answer:-Feminine nouns are words used for women, girls and female animals.

16. Question:- Examples of feminine nouns?
Answer:- Actress, girl, bride are some of the examples of feminine nouns.

17.Question:-What are common gender nouns?
Answer:-Some nouns are used for both males and females. These nouns are referred
as common gender nouns.

18.Question:-Examples of common gender nouns?
Answer:-baby, deer, child and passenger are some of the examples of common gender nouns.

19.Question:-Feminine gender of bull?

20.Question:-Masculine gender of hen?

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