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GK Questions and Answers for Class 4


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Social Science:-

  • 1. Who was the inventor of television?

    Answer:-J.L Baird

  • 2. What's the method of the discharge of water vapour by leaves into the air called?

    Answer:- Transpiration

  • 3. What's India surrounded by within the north?

    Answer:- Himalayas

  • 4. Which is that the largest continent?

    Answer:- Asia

  • 5. Which important line passes through the centre of India?

    Answer:-Tropic of Cancer

  • 6. Which large water body is to the west of India?

    Answer:- Sea

  • 7. Where is Bandipur National Park?

    Answer:- Mysore, Karnataka

  • 8. What's the most important source of our food?


  • 9. Which city is thought of because of the Queen of the Arabian Sea?

    Answer:- Kochi

  • 10. On which side of the equator does India lie?



  • 1. Which game consists of terms sort of a bishop, stalemate, castling, etc.?

    Answer:- Chess

  • 2. What's the amount of players in volleyball?

    Answer:- 6

  • 3. Where is that the famous stadium, Eden Garden, located?

    Answer:-Kolkata, province

  • 4. Pankaj Advani is said to which sport?


  • 5. In cricket, what's the space between the 2 sets of wickets(in yards)?

    Answer:- 22 yards

  • 6. Who was the primary Indian to win Gold within the Olympics?

    Answer:-Abhinav Bindra

  • 7. What number of times has India hosted the Olympic games?

    Answer:- Zero

  • 8. Caddie is said to which game?

    Answer:- Golf

  • 9. Which country has been the host country of the Asian Games several times?


  • 10. Which country started the Olympic Games? during which year?

    Answer:- Greece (1896)

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