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Online GK Questions for Class 3 Students | Best Kids Learning Platform - Easyshiksha

GK Questions and Answers for Class 3


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  • 1. What number of hours are there on a very day?

    Answer:-24 hours

  • 2. What percentage of minutes are there in an hour?


  • 3. 1 L is capable of what percentage grams?

    Answer:- 1000 ml

  • 4. The length of a field may be measured in Millimetres/Metres/Kilometres?


  • 5. The gap between Mumbai and Hyderabad will be measured in Centimetres/ Metres/Kilometres?


  • 6. When variety is multiplied by zero, the solution you get is usually_______?

    Answer:- Zero

  • 7. 425 x 1= _______?


  • 8. 555 x 10= _______?

    Answer:- 5550

  • 9. The most important 4 digit number is?

    Answer:- 9999

  • 10. 425 + 30 = _______ + 425?


  • 11. 425 + 0 = _______?

    Answer:- 425

  • 12. 425 x 0 = _______?

    Answer:- 0

  • 13. 1789 – _______ = 1789?

    Answer:- 0

  • 14. 1/2 an apple is bigger than, adequate to or but one-third of an apple?

    Answer:- 1/2 an apple is bigger than one-third of an apple

  • 15. One-fourth of a cake is larger than, capable or but one-third of that cake?

    Answer:- One-fourth of a cake is a smaller amount than one-third of that cake

  • 16. Weight of an individual is measured in litres/kilometres/kilograms?

    Answer:- Kilograms

  • 17. Eight o’clock within the evening is 8 am or 8 pm?

    Answer:-8 pm


  • 1. Who are the founders of Google?

    Answer:- Larry Page and Sergey Brin

  • 2. What percentage of continents are there, and their names?

    Answer:- There are 7 continents: Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Antarctica

  • 3. Which is that the largest continent?

    Answer:- Asia

  • 4. Within which continent is India located?

    Answer:- Asia

  • 5. Who founded Facebook?

    Answer:-Mark Zuckerberg

  • 6. Where were the last Olympic Games held, and when?

    Answer:-Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2016

  • 7. Where will the subsequent Olympic Games be held, and when?

    Answer:- The Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo, Japan in 2021

  • 8. Which is that the longest river on Earth?

    Answer:- river in Egypt

On India:-

  • 1. Who was the primary woman Prime Minister of India?

    Answer:- Solon

  • 2. Who is thought because of the Father of the Indian Constitution?

    Answer:-Dr B. R. Ambedkar

  • 3. Who was the primary woman President of India?

    Answer:- Who was the primary woman President of India?

  • 4. What's the National Animal of India?


  • 5. What's the National Bird of India?

    Answer:- Indian Peacock

  • 6. What's the National Flower of India?

    Answer:- Lotus

  • 7. What's the anthem of India, and who wrote it?

    Answer:-Jana Gana Mana, written by Rabindranath Tagore

  • 8. What's the National Song of India?

    Answer:- Vande Mataram, written by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

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EasyShiksha's online course on "GK Questions and Answers for Class 3 Students" is an excellent resource for young learners who want to improve their general knowledge. The course provides an engaging and interactive learning experience that is sure to capture the interest of children. By taking this course, children will not only improve their general knowledge but also enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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