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GK Questions and account Class 2


General Awareness:-

  • 1. What number of states are there in India?
    Answer:- 28 states
  • 2. Which city is that the capital city of India?
    Answer:- national capital
  • 3. Name this President of India.
    Answer:- Ram Nath Kovind
  • 4. Who was the primary President of independent India?
    Answer:- Rajendra Prasad
  • 5. It's also called 'the ship of the desert?
    Answer:- Camel
  • 6. What number of players are there in a very cricket team?
    Answer:- 11 players
  • 7. What will we call the doctor of teeth?
    Answer:- Dentist
  • 8. What percentage of planets are there within the solar system?
    Answer:- Eight planets. (Pluto is not any more a planet)
  • 9. What's the currency of India?
    Answer:- Rupee
  • 10. Name the earth on which we live.
    Answer:- Earth
  • 11. Which is that the smallest state of India?
    Answer:- Goa
  • 12. Which state is thought because the ‘fruit bowl’ of India?
    Answer:- Himachal Pradesh
  • 13. Who is popularly called the “Iron Man of India”?
    Answer:- Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel
  • 14. Which is that the national sport of India?
    Answer:- Hockey
  • 15. The longest river in India?
    Answer:- Ganga
  • 16. Which is that the national fruit of India?
    Answer:- Mango
  • 17. What percentage of bones are there within the adult human body?
    Answer:- 206
  • 18. What percentage of teeth are there in adult humans?
    Answer:- 32
  • 19. The quantity of continents within the world is
    Answer:- Seven
  • 20. What are the continents of the world?
    Answer:- Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North America, and South America.


  • 1. After you eat, which system of your body starts working?
    Answer:- systema alimentarium
  • 2. What does one take after you fall ill?
    Answer:- Medicine
  • 3. Who controls your posture?
    Answer:- Brain
  • 4. Which organ of your body continues to be pumping after you are sleeping?
    Answer:- Heart
  • 5. What number of teeth does an adult have?
    Answer:- 32 teeth
  • 6. What a number of bones are there within the human body?
    Answer:- 206
  • 7. What does Sheep give us?
    Answer:- Wool/ Milk
  • 8. Paper is obtained from which plant?
    Answer:- Bamboo
  • 9. Which kind of plant could be a money plant?
    Answer:- Climbers
  • 10. Which is that the hardest mineral in the world?
    Answer:- Diamond
  • 11. Water when freezes, it changes into?
    Answer:- Ice
  • 12. Where do Lions live?
    Answer:- Den
  • 13. What do Bees give us?
    Answer:- Honey
  • 14. Sun rises within which direction?
    Answer:- East
  • 15. What's a house manufactured from snow called?
    Answer:- Igloo
  • 16. Which sort of garments will we wear within the winter season?
    Answer:- Woollen clothes
  • 17. We must always cross the road at the?
    Answer:- pedestrian crossing
  • 18. The red light of the light tells us to?
    Answer:- Stop
  • 19. The green light of the stoplight tells us to?
    Answer:- Go


  • 1. A figure with 3 sides is thought of as a?
    Answer:- Triangle
  • 2. The littlest two-digit number is?
    Answer:- 10
  • 3. A figure which has no sides and no corners are called?
    Answer:- Circle/ oval
  • 4. When any number is multiplied by 0, the solution is always?
    Answer:- Zero
  • 5. A figure with four equal sides is called?
    Answer:- Square
  • 6. Which is that the largest three-digit number?
    Answer:- 999
  • 7. One kilogram equals what number of grams?
    Answer:- 1000 grams
  • 8. What time it'll be when the big hand and hand both are at 12?
    Answer:- 12 o’clock
  • 9. Which is that the largest 2-digit number?
    Answer:- 99
  • 10. Which is that the smallest even number?
    Answer:- 2
  • 11. What's the place value of 9 in 1592?
    Answer:- Tens
  • 12. When any number is multiplied by 1, the solution is
    Answer:- the amount itself
  • 13. 5 times 6 equals to
    Answer:- 30
  • 14. There are 5 chocolates in one box. what number of chocolates are there in 4 boxes?
    Answer:- 20
  • 15. 10+20 equals to
    Answer:- 30
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