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The President Job | Motivational and Educational Videos for Kids - EasyShiksha

The President Job | Educational Videos

Hello, welcome kids! How are you all?

Today we are going to discuss the President’s job.

President is the leader of the executive branch of the government.

Do you know what the president does?

Let's find out,

Citizens of a country vote for a new president every four years.

They choose from a group of people called candidates,

These candidates want to become the next president of the country,

But not everyone can be a president, there are a few special rules,

The candidate must be a national citizen,

The candidate must be 35 years old,

Someone who has been living in the country for at least 14 years.

When a new president is elected , they become the leader of the executive branch.

The president is also the commander in chief of country’s armed forces,

The ceremony marked the beginning of a new president’s duty.

Takes place in front of the capitol building in Washington Dc .

At the ceremony, the new leader of the country promises to preserve and protect the constitution of the country.

Each morning the president of the country goes to office to work,

One of the presidents’ duties is to sign important papers.

This can include bills passed by the houses of parliament,

He also appoints a group of people to advise and assist him in his duties, together these people form the cabinet.

Army commanders, ambassadors and supreme court judges are also nominated by the president.

He also travels all over the world, to talk to other leaders, Woah!

The president is indeed a busy person, Isn't it kids?

Well I hope you liked the video, Thanks for watching, bbye.

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