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Personality Adjectives | Motivational and Educational Videos for Kids - EasyShiksha

Personality Adjectives | Educational Videos for Kids - EasyShiksha

Hello boys and girls, how are you all?

I hope you are all doing great and so today we are going to talk about personality adjectives and so here we have a worksheet.

let's solve it together

The worksheet B you have today is called character adjectives.

I love adjectives because they are really juicy words That we used to describe things

So let's look over, and here it says

Circle all the words that signify a positive character trait.

So we are going to look at all the options and then we will decide which option are correct

So here we go.

let's look at the first one

then the first word here is selfish Well selfish is not a good adjective.

So let's leave it and now we move on to the next word and it says optimistic

Well optimistic as we know means to think positively about someone or something every time and always.

So yes , optimistic is a good personality adjective and so we put on a circle here.

the next word that we have Greedy,

just like selfish greedy also means a person who only things about himself and wants more and more things for himself so greedy is a negative adjective and hence will move forward

The next two words are funny, very funny, something that makes you laugh or happy.

So being funny is one of the best things that we can do to make others happy and also keep ourselves happy.

So just like that, funny is a positive personality adjective.

Then we have the word happy,

now what can be more positive then the word happy itself,

Happy is a word used to address the state of feeling good.

soyes it's a positive personality adjective and hence we are going to circle that word happy.

Then we have rude, Well-being rude e means that we are not being very helpful kind and polite to others and hence it is not a positive personality objective so we will move on to the next word and the next word is

Dishonest Being dishonest means that a person cannot speak a truth or is not willing to do so, hence it is not a positive personality objective and we will have to move to the next word which is

Not being friendly is a very good thing. We can help others, we can talk to them, we can spend time with them all in a good mood and also make them happy at the same time.

soyes friendly is a positive personality adjective and hence we are going to circle it.

The next word is generous, Generous means that a person is readily available for everyone and takes care of their feelings

so yes generous is a positive personality adjective .

So here we circuit

The next word is angry

and we feel aggressive and do not behave politely with other people

so yes angry is a negative personality adjective and hence we move on to the next word which is Cheerful.

being cheerful means To be in good spirits all days

so yes cheerful is a positive personality object

so we will circle it.

wow great done kids,

I hope you enjoyed solving the worksheet

thank you very much and till we meet again

take care and bye bye.

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