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Identifying Abstract | Educational Videos

Hello boys and girls! How are you all today? We are going to discuss abstract things.

Gear up kids and here we go.

Today we have a new worksheet and this worksheet is focused on identifying abstract words.

Because you already know what a noun is today I am going to tell you what an abstract noun is.

Abstract nouns refer to ideas that you cannot see, Touch, taste, smell, or hear.

So kids now imagine that you just went to the zoo today and now read the statements below and answer the questions.

Which of the underlined nouns are abstract?

Like if I say

You need a lot of bravery to enter a tiger's cage.

so now here bravery, tiger and cage all these three e r nouns,

Now how do we know which one of them is an abstract noun?

well I tell you kids.

if we look at the word cage we can see the cage we can touch the cage so of course it is not an abstract noun.

then we look at that word tiger, here also we can see the tiger we can smell The Tiger we can touch the tiger and the tiger can eat us too

so again tiger is not an abstract noun.

but if we talk about bravery as a term it cannot be seen, smelled , tasted or touched, we can't perceive it with our senses.

so the answer is bravery.

coming to the next statement

The peacock took pride in his beautiful tail

So peacock Pride and tail are the nouns here, and among these pride is the Abstract noun because it cannot be perceived. Then we come on to the third statement and it is

The ape had a lot of anger when someone took his Banana. Now here, ape anger and banana are the three now and among them anger is an abstract noun.

The next statement says The little Penguin had a fear of going near the kids.

Penguin fear and kids are the noun here.

So Penguin and kids can be perceived, so the answer here.

and the last statement we have is

The old owl seemed to be full of wisdom.

Owl and wisdom or both nouns.

but wisdom cannot be perceived

so the answer is wisdom.

Well great Dun kids, you have done a marvellous job. Thank you so much and till we meet again take care and bye .

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