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Compound Words | Educational Videos

Hello kids, how are you all? I hope you are all doing well.

So boys and girls today we are going to learn about compound words.

We have a new worksheet and its name is vocabulary Builder compound.

Now compound word is made by putting two smaller words together

So we have an example here that is

Life has one word Sun and another word flower which are two different words but when we combine them they become sunflower that is a different variety of a flower, a proper noun.

The the direction on the worksheet says

Read the sentences below and choose the correct compound words.

Number one says

Ava got a _____________ so she went to the dentist.

The options are tooth ache, toothpaste and a toothbrush.

Well what can cause her to go to a dentist?

so, very obviously the answer is toothache.

The next one says

Matt built a friendly ___________.

Now the options are snowflakes, snowmen or snowfall.

so because one person cannot make snowflakes or snowfall it's all in the hands of nature but we can make a snowman and that can be friendly so the answer is snowman.

our next question says

What do bird’s _________ look like?

And the options are football footprint and footwear .

So again what's the connection of birds with football and foot wear so yes the answer must be food print.

our next question says

The Brave___________ is coming to the rescue.

The options are Fireplace, Firefly for a Fireman.

We all know that in case of any emergency, not a fire place is going to help us nor a firefly, so is a fireman that comes to our rescue.

Very well done children I hope you are well versed with the compound words now.

thank you so much and I hope that you have like that

till we meet again, take care and buy.

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