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Civil Rights Era | Educational Videos

Hello boys and girls, how are you all?

I hope you are doing great today. I welcome you all to the topic of the civil rights era.

People come in many shapes colours and sizes

We are all special in our own way

but do you know many years ago people were treated unfairly because they were different

People were forced to live in different communities Based on skin colour

This was called segregation .

Black children and The White children weren't allowed to go to the same school.

Because of segregation, people were not allowed to eat at the same restaurants.

Civil rights activists wanted to change these laws.

An activist is a person who works hard to make changes in society .

During the 1950, The buses were also segregated, the white people sat in the front rows and the black people sat in the back rows.

One day a brave woman called Rosa Parks Refused to give up her seat to the white passenger .

When she did, she was arrested And sent to Jail .

Her courage led to the Montgomery bus boycott In 1955 .

Boycott is when people stop Using the service in order to Create change.

During the Montgomery bus boycott , People who supported Rosa decided to Stop riding buses and Walk instead .

This marked the attention of American lawmakers .

Bus segregation was soon outlawed in 1956 .

Martin Luther King Junior was also an activist And leader in the civil rights movement ,He lied many matches and gave many speeches About equal rights for all.

His most famous speech was called I have a dream.

Later Martin had won the Nobel Prize for Successful efforts.

The Civil rights act of 1964 removed segregation laws in America .

People could now eat, drink , sit and work wherever they wish .

The Civil rights movement changed The way people work together in America .

Let's review

  • Segregation is when people are segregated from one another .
  • People in America were once segregated for their skin colour
  • Black and white people were allowed to live in the same commune or stick next to each other in the bus .
  • Activists such as Rosa parks and Martin Luther junior World leaders in the Civil rights movement .
  • They wanted equal rights for all people
  • An activist is a person who works hard to make changes happen in a society.
  • A boycott is when people stop using a service in order to create a change.
  • Civil rights laws came into existence in 1964 and hence segregation ended in America.

Did you understand well kids?

Well great if you did.

Thank you so much and see you next time. Till then take care and bye

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