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Producers and Consumers | Educational Videos for Kids - EasyShiksha

Producers and Consumers | Educational Video

Hello boys and girls, today we are going to learn about producers and consumers.
Have you ever gone shopping at a grocery Store
You might see a lot of fruits and vegetables breads and meet
did you And ever wonder where does all this come from
Well let's find out ,
Look at the produce section ,Fruits and vegetables are grown by farmers ,
This means that farmers are producers .
A producer is someone Who makes something ,Fruits and vegetables are found and grown by the farmers and then picked up And put into boxes now these boxes are are put on a delivery truck and shipped on to to local grocery stores And the produce is put on display for people to buy .
People who buy things are called consumers .
Let's look at another example
Tailors make clothing so they are producers, Clothing is sent to the stores And is bought by consumers .
Let's review
producers are Are people make things what people to buy like food and cloth.
Then the items are sent to respective stores .
They are put on display for people to see .
Then the consumers by the things of their choice .
Are you a producer or a consumer ? ok kids think about it and discuss with your friends .
Thanks for watching , take care and bbye!

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