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Light Sources | Motivational and Educational Videos for Kids - EasyShiksha

Light Sources | Educational Video

Hello, kids, how r u?
Today we will discuss the science that affects us everyday.
Why is it, that things become much easier to find when lights are on?
But what is Light?
Light is made up of waves.These waves travel, from light sources, bounce off of objects and and some to our eyes allowing us to see things.
Light sources come in all shapes and sizes.
Little lights can help on street,
Big lights help light up stadiums.
Some lights help light up screens
Light like this comes from a flame,
Sources of light are all around us
Very rarely do we find ourselves in a completely dark situation.The main source of light is the Sun,
So let's go ahead and see what happens if i turn that off .
Even without the sunlight you can probably see me.
There are a lot of other sources of light besides the sunlight .
We have electric lights in your house, ur tap on ur tablet or your computer and those light up things at night time so let's Go ahead and shut those off now,

Now also we might be able to see dimly,
But most of our light sources have been turneed of but as we know, as we go far for a walk at night ,there is one more big source of light, and that's the moon , the moon actually reflects the Sun light onto us so let's go ahead and turn that off now, and now, there is one last source of light and those are the stars so let's see if we turn those off now.
Now it's completely black,
Black is the absolute absence of of light, if there's no sources of light you're not gonna be able to see anything .Let's go ahead and turn all those on back.
Hey welcome back, now the lights are on, they will bounce back to our eyes to create vision.
So thats how we see things .

I hope kids u all must have liked it,
So, Bye and Take care❤️❤️

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