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Laws and Rights | Motivational and Educational Videos for Kids - EasyShiksha

Laws and Rights | Educational Video

Hello, Girls and Boys, today we are going to talk about laws, rights and responsibilities.Citizens have rights Are special things that people are allowed to do .
What rights do not allow people to do whatever they want ,Government makes laws to ensure that this doesn't happen .
laws a set of rules that protect people and the things they own .
In the United States of America, citizens Freedom of speech. People have the right to talk about important things and share their opinions They still have to obey the laws.
It is a part of the citizens responsibility To follow the law .
Responsibility is a duty Something that people must do.
Citizens also have the right to buy The things they need or want But they cannot just take it and that is against the law .
Laws help people live safely And fairly with one another .
Let's review
rights are special things that people are allowed to do.
laws are a set of rules that protect people and the things they own and responsibility is a duty e something that people must do .
Did u take it down kids?
I hope u liked it, take care and bbye.

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