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Amazing Plant Parts | Motivational and Educational Videos for Kids - EasyShiksha

Amazing Plant Parts | Educational Video

The sun is rising on a new day , here in forest.Look around at all the amazing plants.Each part of a plant works together to keep alive and healthy.Lets take a closer look, here is The raspberry bush with its long woody stems,green leaves and little spiky thorns to protect it.Each part of the plant performs a specific task for its survival.

These roots hold on tightly to the soil, which keeps the plant standing upright and strong.The roots have another very important job, they soak up the water that falls into the ground.The roots also soak up nutrients from the soil which helps the plant grow strong .

Moving up from the roots,here is the stem of this plant, it works hard to carry all of the water and nutrients from the roots till all other parts of the plant.

This plant also has thorns o it, this keeps animals from eating the delicious fruit, the plant makes.We will get to the fruit later.

The leaves, soak up sunlight, This is the coolest part so listen carefully,

Plants can actually make their own food,thats right,

They take sunlight and turn it into food for the plant through a process known as photosynthesis.

Oh Gosh! Plants are so amazing.

These are the flowers on a plant.They attract creatures like bees,and butterflies, who will help to pollinate the plant .The flower will develop into beautiful red berries. These berries have tiny seeds in them .Each will eventually end up back in the soil and will grow into many raspberry plants .

So, there you have it, the parts of a plant , each one with its own special feature.

I hope you have liked it Kids.Take Care and Bbye.

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