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Maths Division Questions With Answers


Question 1:- What is simple division?
Answer:-In Maths the simple division is a method used for dividing small numbers into groups and parts.

Question 2:- What is Long division?
Answer:-In Maths long division is a method used for dividing large numbers into small groups and parts.

Question 3:- What is division?
Answer:-Division is another basic operation of simple Arithmetical problems.

Question 4:- What is the dividend?
Answer:-It refers to the number which we divide.

Question 5:- What is Divisor?
Answer:-It refers to the number by which we divide, here the division is 6.

Question 6:- What is the quotient?
Answer:-This is the result or outcome that we obtain from the problem.

Question 7:- What is Remainder?
Answer:-This is the remaining number that is left over after division.

Question 8:- Question:-When a number is divided by 1 the answer is?

Question 9:- Question:-20 divided by 2 the answer is.

Question 10:- Share 16 toffees among 8 girls. Each girl will get?

Question 11:- 18 divided by 9.

Question 12:- 36 divided by 1.

Question 13:- Write the quotient.14/2.

Question 14:- What is binary division?
Answer:-The binary division is one of the important operations of binary Arithmetic.

Question 15:- How to Divide fractions?
Answer:-Dividing fractions are also as easy as dividing any other two numbers.

Question 16:- How to divide decimals?
Answer:-You need to multiply the decimal with powers of ten till you get an integer.

Question 17:- How to use a division calculator?
Answer:-A division calculator is a tool that is used to solve division problems quickly within seconds.

Question 18:- Why division zero is undefined?
Answer:-Division by zero is undefined because one cannot divide any number by zero.

Question 19:- Division meaning?
Answer:-The meaning of divide is to separate into two or more equal parts, areas, classes, categories, groups or divisions.

Question 20:- How to divide polynomials?
Answer:- Unlike numbers and fractions, a polynomial can also be divided by another polynomial.

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