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Computer Basics Questions with Answers


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  • 1. A ________ is a pointing part of a computer

    Answer:- Mouse

    2. We cannot use a________ for writing on a computer

    Answer:- both

    3. A keyboard has ________ keys.

    Answer:- Both

    4. Cursor is a ________ blinking line on the monitor

    Answer:- small

    5. There are usually ________ keys on the keyboard

    Answer:- 104

    6. ________ keys are found at the top of the keyboard

    Answer:- Function

    7. ________ key is use to write in capital letters

    Answer:- Caps Lock

    8. ________ erases letters to the left of the cursor

    Answer:- Backspace

    9. Arrow keys are used to move the cursor in ________ directions

    Answer:- Both

    10. Mouse is connected to ________

    Answer:- CPU

    11. I look like TV. I display what you write. Who am I?

    Answer:- Monitor

    12. How many alphabets are there on the keyboard?

    Answer:- 26

    13. What is the function of the mouse of a computer?

    Answer:- It is used to move the pointer

    14. Which computer parts gives you sound

    Answer:- Speaker

    15. _______ is called the brain of a computer

    Answer:- CPU

    16. It looks like a typewriter.

    Answer:- Keyboard

    17. _______ helps us to print on the paper

    Answer:- printer

    18. It is used to print on paper

    Answer:- Printer

    19. It is used to display data.

    Answer:- Monitor

    20. It is used to record music and sound.

    Answer:- CPU

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