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Complex Questions with Answers


1. Question:- What Has Many Keys But Can’t Open A Door?
Answer:- Piano

2. Question: -What Cant Be Used Until It Is Broken?
Answer:- A Coconut

3.Question:-What Has One Eye But Cannot See?
Answer:-A needle

4.Question:-I’m Where Yesterday Follows Today, And Tomorrow Is In The Middle. What Am I?

5.Question:-What Gets Wet While Drying?
Answer:- Towel

6.Question:-What Is So Delicate That Even Mentioning It Breaks It?

7.Question:-What Word Is Spelled Incorrectly In Every Single Dictionary?

8.Question:-What Can One Catch That Is Not Thrown?
Answer:-A cold

9.Question:-If It Takes Eight Men Ten Hours To Build A Wall, How Long Would It Take Four Men?
Answer:-Nothing. The wall is already built

10.Question:-If You Have A Bowl With Six Apples And You Take Away Four, How Many Do You Have?
Answer:-The four you took

11.Question:-How Can You Go 25 Days Without Sleep?
Answer:-Sleep in the night.

12.Question:-How Do You Make The Number One Disappear?
Answer:-Add a ‘G,’ and it’s gone!

13.Question:-I Am An Odd Number. Take Away One Letter And I Become Even. What Number Am I?

14.Question:-Why Is The Math Book Sad?
Answer:-Because it has problems

15.Question:-What Always Goes To Bed With Its Shoes On?
Answer:-A horse

16. Question:- If Ten Birds Are Sitting In A Tree And A Hunter Shoots One, How Many Birds Are Left In The Tree?
Answer:- None. All birds fly away

17.Question:-What Goes Up As Soon As The Rain Comes Down?
Answer:-An umbrella

18.Question:-Beth’s Mother Has Three Daughters. One Is Called Lara, And The Other One Is Sara. What Is The Name Of The Third Daughter?

19.Question:-What Kind Of Tree Can You Carry In Your Hand?
Answer:-A palm tree

20.Question:-A Father’s Child, A Mother’s Child, Yet No One’s Son?
Answer:-A daughter

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