CBSE Math Class 10 (Follows Latest Syllabus of NCERT)

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CBSE Math Class 10 (Follows Latest Syllabus of NCERT) Description

Mathematics is considered as one of the challenging subjects, therefore, we have designed this course by keeping in mind all the needs of students. 

  This course contains all the 15 chapters of Maths Class 10 (CBSE Board)

-What you will learn? 

The chapters covered are (CBSE Maths class 10):

1) Real numbers  2) Polynomials  3) Pair of Linear Equations in two variables  4) Quadratic equation   5) Arithmetic Progressions  6)Triangles  7) Coordinate Geometry  8) Trigonometry  9) Applications of Trigonometry  10) Circles   11) Constructions   12) Areas related to circles, 13) Surface areas and volumes, 14) Statistics and  15) Probability.

-Who can take this course?

This course has been designed for students of the Class 10 CBSE board however it can be taken by the students of any other board if they have these chapters as a part of their curriculum. It will also benefit teachers who wish to improve their teaching skills and make learning fun for their students.

-Benefits of Taking this Course:

On completion of this course, one will have detailed knowledge of all the chapters and can easily solve all the problems which can lead to score well in exams with the help of:

Explanatory videos ensure complete concept understanding.

Downloadable resources help in applying your knowledge to solve various problems.

Quiz video helps in testing your knowledge.

In short, it is an interesting course fulfilling all the student's needs.

So hurry up and enroll now!!

Who this course is for:

  • Students of CBSE Boards Class 10 and Teachers.
  • Anyone who wants to learn Mathematics
  • Teachers who wish to teach their students mathematics in a simpler way

Course Content

Introduction to Real Numbers HCF and Euclid's Division Lemma Decimal Form Of Rational Numbers Find LCM using Prime Factorization Method Irrational Numbers and proof of root 2 is Irrational Quiz - 1 (Real Numbers) Quiz - 2 (Real Numbers) Introduction to Polynomial Types and Zeroes of Polynomial Relationship between Zeroes and Coefficient of Polynomial Geometrical Meaning of Zeroes of Polynomial - Graphical Representation Polynomial - Division Algorithm Introduction to Pair of linear equations in two variables - Intersecting lines Intersecting Lines - Problem Solving Coincident Lines - Explanation Coincident Lines - Problem Solving Parallel Lines - Explanation Parallel Lines - Problem Solving Elimination Method - Explanation Elimination Method - Problem Solving Substitution Method - Explanation Substitution Method - Problem Solving Cross Multiplication Method - Explanation Cross Multiplication Method - Problem Solving Variables Reducible Method - Explanation Variables Reducible Method - Problem Solving Pair of Linear equations - Problem Solving Introduction to Quadratic Equations - Factorization Method Completing The Square Method The Quadratic Formula Method Introduction to Arithmetic Progressions Arithmetic Progressions : Problem Solving-1 Arithmetic Progressions : Problem Solving-2 Arithmetic Progressions : Problem Solving-3 Arithmetic Progressions: Activity Amazing tricks to understand A.P. Formulae Quiz - Arithmetic Progressions Introduction and Types of Triangle Similar Triangles Criteria for Similarity and Congruency of a Triangles Areas of Similar Triangles Ratios of areas of Similar Triangles Pythagoras Theorem - Explained Pythagoras Theorem - Proof Pythagoras Theorem - Explained (Activity) Basic Proportionality Theorem (Thales Theorem) Basic Proportionality Theorem - Activity Quiz - Triangles Introduction and Trigonometric ratios Trigonometric Ratios of Complementary Angles Trick to Remember Trigonometric Values Trigonometric Ratios value Table - Derivation Basic Trigonometric Identities Application of Trigonometry Trigonometry - Problem Solving How to Make a Clinometer How to use a Clinometer Sample Question – 1 Sample Question – 2 Amazing tricks to understand Trigonometry Formulae Quiz - 1(Trigonometry) Quiz - 2(Trigonometry) Introduction to Circle Tangent to A Circle Areas Related to a Circle - Part 1 Areas Related to a Circle - Part 2 Amazing tricks to understand Circle Formulae Quiz - Areas related to a Circle Construction of Tangents to a Circle from an External Point How to divide a line segment in a given ratio Construction of Similar Triangles Division of a Line Segment Construction of Tangent to A Circle From a Point on it - Activity Surface Area of Cube, Cuboid and Cylinder Volume of Cube, Cuboid and Cylinder Surface Area of a Sphere Volume of a Sphere and Hemisphere Surface area and Volume of Cone and Frustum Surface area of Right Circular Cylinder - Activity Amazing Tricks to Understand Mensuration Formulae Quiz - Mensuration Introduction to Statistics Mean of Grouped Data - Direct mean Method Mean of Grouped Data - Assumed mean Method How to Draw a Bar Graph What is Frequency Polygon Histogram in Statistics Mean of Grouped Data - Step-Deviation Method Mean of Grouped Data (all) Median of Grouped Data Cumulative Frequency Less Than Type - Ogive Cumulative Frequency More Than Type - Ogive Introduction to Probability Probability - Coin Experiment Probability - Coin Experiment (Problem Solving) Probability - Dice Experiment (Problem Solving) Probability Formula explained with Ball and Card Experiment Probability - Ball Experiment (Problem Solving) Probability - Card Experiment (Problem Solving - 1) Probability - Card Experiment (Problem Solving - 2) Probability - Problem Solving Introduction To Coordinate Geometry Distance Formula Section Formula Area of Triangle Distance Formula- Problem Solving

What You Need For This Course?

  • Access to Smart Phone / Computer
  • Good Internet Speed (Wifi/3G/4G)
  • Good Quality Earphones / Speakers
  • Basic Understanding of English
  • Dedication & Confidence to clear any exam

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Is the course 100% online? Does it require any offline classes too?

The following course is fully online, and hence there is no need for any physical classroom session. The lectures and assignments can be accessed anytime and anywhere through a smart web or mobile device.

Q.When can I start the course?

Anyone can choose a preferred course and start immediately without any delay.

Q.What are the course and session timings?

As this is a purely online course program, you can choose to learn at any time of the day and for as much time as you want. Though we follow a well-established structure and schedule, we recommend a routine for you as well. But it finally depends on you, as you have to learn.

Q.What will happen when my course is over?

If you have completed the course, you would be able to have lifetime access to it for future reference too.

Q.Can I download the notes and study material?

Yes, you can access and download the content of the course for the duration. And even have lifetime access to it for any further reference.

Q. What software/tools would be needed for the course and how can I get them?

All the software/tools that you need for the course would be shared with you during the training as and when you need them.

Q. Do I get the certificate in a hard copy?

No, only a soft copy of the certificate will be awarded, which can be downloaded and printed, if required.

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Q. What is the refund policy?

If you have enrolled, and are facing any technical problem then you can request a refund. But once the certificate has been generated, we shall not refund that.

Q.Can I just enrol in a single course?

Yes! You surely can. To begin this, just click the course of your interest and fill in the details to enrol. You are ready to learn, once the payment is made. For the same, you earn a certificate too.

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