Master the fundamentals of Math

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Master the fundamentals of Math Description

Fundamental Math explores foundational concepts in math. Students master basic skills and extend their knowledge as they prepare for more advanced work. 

Multiplying and dividing large numbers. Simplifying fractions and converting percentages. Handling square roots and exponents. These and other skills are the veritable foundation on which all of mathematics rests. 

Whether you're a high-school student preparing for the challenges of higher math classes, an adult who needs a refresher in math to prepare for a new career, or someone who just wants to keep his or her mind active and sharp, there's no denying that a solid grasp of arithmetic and prealgebra is essential in today's world. Knowing the fundamentals of mathematics canincrease your chances of success in high-school and college math classes;prepare you for a career in a field that requires a strong foundation in math, such as economics, engineering, medicine, and the building trades;strengthen your everyday critical thinking skills; andhelp you handle with confidence everyday tasks such as shopping and planning a personal budget.

Yet despite how basic this kind of math may seem, the mechanics of mathematics remains a mystery to many of us because we've been taught to focus solely on our answers. But in the opinion of award-winning Professor James A. Sellers of The Pennsylvania State University, a true understanding of basic math involves more than just arriving at the right solution. It involvesproperly understanding the nature of numbers and mathematical concepts,paying close attention to the step-by-step processes behind different calculations, andthinking about what you're solving for—and why you're solving for it in a specific way.

This more well-rounded approach to the basics of mathematics is a surefire way to strengthen your current knowledge or to gain new skills for more deftly and confidently approaching and dealing with math.

Explore All the Essential Areas of Basic Math which is designed for lifelong learners of all ages. Master the Fundamentals of Math course covers topics suited for all ages.  Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing whole numbers, fractions, negative numbers, and decimals. Converting between fractions, decimals, and percentages

To help you solve problems with greater ease, the couse is filled with tips, tricks, and techniques

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