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HawksCode Softwares Pvt. Ltd Course Number: ES 301
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In this tutorial course we will learn about HTML. HTML stands for Hyper Text markup language. Hyper Text means text within text. If we click on any text and that will brings us on any other webpage that means that text is Hyper Text. Markup language is used to make text dynamic, it can change a world into images and tables.


Couse objective:


In this course we will about basics of HTML, It is not case sensitive language. HTML documents can be can be read any type of computer display. In this tutorial we will learn how to implement constrains in DDL statements. What we need two tools to create and view a HTML pages.


Text Editor: First of all we need a text editor like Note Pad or World Pad etc.


Web browser: To read and display html pages a web browser is require like internet explorer, Google chrome etc.


Course contains:


·          Introduction to HTML


·          My First HTML Script


·          ATTRIBUTES


·          Headings and Paragraphs


·          Formatting and comments


·          Links and Head


·          Styling HTML with CSS


·          Images - The


·          HTML Lists


·          HTML Blocks


·          HTML Layouts




·          HTML Forms and Input