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Quality Management System (QMS)

We, being Indians, all know how particular we are about quality compared to any other residents. Quality check is a must in everything, right from a toothbrush to the most valued things. From a corporate level of ideology, quality management would be all about how to improvise a product, how it could be better so that more sales and revenue could be gained, and also how to adopt a huge consumer base. Quality management is a process that has to be followed by any organization which has future scope for growth and survival.

The process goes like this:

  • Implementing Quality Management System
  • Ensuring Quality System
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control
  • Inspection

Quality check always benefits the organization and every organization requires it at any cost, moreover, it’s every firm’s responsibility to ensure that the quality is meeting the minimum standards declared by the quality control council of the particular county.

The questions arise about the importance of quality management, it is to be prioritized as follows

  • First, if the quality of the product goes down, indefinite terms it would affect the sales then revenue then the whole firm. 
  • Second, the efficiency gets increased with the help of the quality check process leading to optimum utilization of resources, where the overlapping of the activities could be avoided and resources wouldn’t get wasted, thus helping in cutting down the extra and unnecessary costs. 
  • Third, a lot of time and cost would get saved, since no overlapping of resources or activities, leading to a smooth flow of production without any hindrances. The cost would also get saved, just in case for instance in the food products, if the quality lacks then the consumer has a high chance of taking legal actions against the firm and leading to a penalty, which is always too much. 

Hence to avoid all these ‘not required actions, the quality check would be preferable and suggested at the most. Answerable for fostering the Quality procedure, strategies, cycles, norms and frameworks for the Company and its store network to work inside. This might incorporate evaluating to guarantee consistency albeit this might be completed by an outsider licensed body.

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