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Basic Language

Even though there are hundreds of programming languages available, choosing one is a difficult undertaking. You can, however, choose and begin learning a programming language based on your goals, such as asking yourself questions like - If you want to design mobile apps? or if you're in the web development field, for example? Various more factors can be used as skill sets to compare programming languages, including performance and efficiency, simplicity of development, and popularity and demand in the employment market (the most important one). With the same worry in mind, we've put together a list of the top 5 programming languages you can learn to land a job at your ideal company.

Here are some popular programming jobs to consider pursuing:

  • Computer programmer
  • Web developer
  • Programmer analyst
  • Computer systems engineer
  • Software engineer
  • Mobile app developer
  • Software application developer
  • Database administrator
  • Computer systems analyst
  •  Software quality assurance (QA) engineer
  •  Business intelligence analyst
  • Computer programmer
  • Network system administrator

The basic and most popular basic languages for computers are C, C++, HTML. These are the basics of coding. One can learn the hardcore languages like Python, PHP and others like Brainfuck, Cow, Intercal, Malboge, and Whitespace. These languages make your basics strong and perfect at what and how you do it. It’s better to start somewhere.

As to if you aspire to be a Web Developer or Designer, Gaming Company, Machine Learning Enthusiast, or work in another relevant tech profession, there is one thing that all of them have in common. Programming Languages, to be precise. According to statistics, there are approximately 26 million programmers in the globe today, with the number rapidly growing. Meanwhile, practically every major corporation expects you to be familiar with basic programming ideas. As a result, learning programming languages should be considered a must-do chore if you want to pursue a career in the IT sector (particularly in the development arena).

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