Programming with jQuery

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Programming with jQuery Description

jQuery is an open source JavaScript library that simplifies the interactions between an HTML/CSS document, or more precisely the Document Object Model (DOM), and JavaScript.

Elaborating the terms, jQuery simplifies HTML document traversing and manipulation, browser event handling, DOM animations, Ajax interactions, and cross-browser JavaScript development.

The only library available today that meets the needs of both designer types and programmer types is jQuery.

jQuery is a fast, lightweight multi-browser JavaScript library. The Best part of jQuery is that Interacts withthe DOM, makes Ajax requests and also creates effects even after javascript is been disabled in the browser. jQueryalso allows functionality for developers to build plug-ins. You will learn to understand the JavaScript language & the Document Object Model, detect and respond to user actions, alter, show, hide and move objects on a web page &Check information inputted into a form.


  •         jQuery is an easy to learn JavaScript library, which makes JavaScript programming very easy.
  • jQuery takes a lot of common tasks that require many lines of JavaScript code to accomplish, and wraps theminto methods that you can call with a single                          line of  code.
  •         jQuery also simplifies complicated tasks like AJAX calls and DOM manipulation.
  •         jQuery will run the same and produce same output in all major browsers.
  •         jQuery is free and very easy to include in your projects: just download its latest version from the jQuerywebsite, or use an online Content Delivery Network.
  •         jQuery is continuously upgraded, maintained and documented by a dedicated community of greatdevelopers. This ensures high quality and support on the internet.

This course has everything you need to use add jQuery to your skills as a web developer. You'll learn how to Adding jQuery, Traversing and selecting elements with jQuery, Page manipulations and DOM interaction, Event triggers page trigger, Class and styling with jQuery, Forms with jQuery, jQuery Page animations, AJAX and JSON with jQuery

You'll get friendly support in the Q&A area and all the source code available for download. 

jQuery is still the most popular JavaScript library available, in fact over 19 Million websites use it and its used in almost 5000 libraries.   jQuery Knowledge should be part of any front end developers skill set and it’s a natural choice for anyone who is familiar with CSS and JavaScript.  jQuery provides web developers an easy way to create interactions with web pages.

What You Need For This Course?

  • Access to Smart Phone / Computer
  • Good Internet Speed (Wifi/3G/4G)
  • Good Quality Earphones / Speakers
  • Basic Understanding of English
  • Dedication & Confidence to clear any exam

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  • Assignments
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