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Online Parent Quiz | What type of Parenting Style - EasyShiksha

What kind of parent are you? Fill the answers for Identifying your parenting style.

1. You believe that sparing the rod, spoils the child, and therefore you would hit your children if they misbehave.

2. You try and give your children whatever they ask for. This will help them become more confident and secure.

3. If your children are really naughty, you think it's okay to scream at them. Sometimes that's the only way to make them listen to you.

4. Your child wants to use the swing, but the other children are hogging it. Your child comes running to you. You:

5. Your daughter wants to play in the rain with her friends. You:

6. Your child has an essay competition, and you want her to get the first prize. You:

7. You have allotted daily chores to your children.

8. Your child misses the school bus, again. You:

9. You use the phrase, "I said no, and you have to do as I say. No means no."

10. You tell and show your child that you love him, hug and kiss him often.


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