Your Career Is Your Life Plan your career with the help of our Career Helper tools & Certified Career Experts


Candidate will 4 different test based on different skills and objectives. These are IQ, Baasic, Advance and Psychometric tests.


Candidate will recieve a report based on his/her performance with a certificate. With help of this you make analysis of self.


Based on the test report, candidate will get help from the experts and consulting agents to help them selecting a good career in future.


After taking guidance from the consulting officer candidate is now fully aware of what he/she got in their plate and what is good for self.

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  • Career Helper suggests occupations that correspond to your interests, values, aspirations, and personality.
  • Career Helper consists:   IQ Test   Basic Test   Advance Test   Psychometric Test
  • Know your talents, skills, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Choose the profession that suits you best
  • Get best career guidance by Experts.
  • Know your career options with Easyshiksha. There are a lot of interesting career options in India you can consider after school and Indian colleges are now offering you some unique courses.