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Principal Message of college " Any educational institution is an amalgamation of teachers, students and administrators, each performing distinct set of functions. Nevertheless, a symbiotic relationship prevails among them. However, it is the students who play a pivotal role not only in the educational organization but also in the country as a whole. Students are the torchbearers of the nation initiating and facilitating development in the true sense of the term. It is these young minds which have to be sharpened. Their skills need to be honored. Not only academic development but an integrated development of personality - mind, body and soul should be emphasized. We need to express ourselves uninhibitedly without any barriers that could exist on the basis of religion, caste or language and thereby blend ourselves harmoniously with the broader culture of which we are a part."   

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2 Years Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery-A.N.M Medicine / Beauty / Health Care

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The Institute is not only to impart legal education, but also catering to the vocational needs of Law scholars. To drift and   skim through life is an achievement, but to be taught to feel and to be sensitive to the need of others, inculcates a sense of social responsibility. Human life is a continuous process of character building. Realizing this, our task of shaping impressionable young mind begins. To provide an academic programme that will require a disciplined approach to the subject matter and the acquisition of skills and would further enhance building more centers pertaining to education. To continue provide high quality education and resources towards creating Lawyers, and Nurses who excel in both Legal and Philanthropic services, I.E.S wishes to commence in futurespecialized courses for promotion of not only Law / Nursing course but also in other fields and personality development.   Principal Message of college " Any educational institution is an amalgamation of teachers,

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Address: Pragati Vihar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Dehri Rangwasa, Indore, Madhya Pradesh , Indore, India, 453331
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