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Why Join IIIT Hyderabad (International Institute of Information Technology) :

The primary objective of education at IIIT, Hyderabad is imparting a mature world-view and a long-term vision to the students. The vision and world view should be about themselves, about their subject of study, about the society they live in, and about the world. We do not merely transmit technical skills or scientific knowledge. Enabling a student to obtain a high-profile first job after the course of study is definitely not our objective.

IIIT, Hyderabad is a research university. It has been rated among top technology schools of the country by different sources. However, we measure our success in terms of the research done at the institute and take pride in the impact we have on the society. Faculty and students at the institute work on several innovative technologies with large potential. These include language translation, speech recognition and synthesis, robotics, data mining, computer vision, VLSI, communications, information security, structural safety, energy-efficient building, computer-aided drug-design, etc. We have the research groups with the most impact in the country in several of these areas. You will have the opportunity to be part of their research during your time here.


Research and UG Students:

IIIT-H provides a research option to the UG or B.Tech students from the very beginning. Those opting for research get a B.Tech (Honours) degree in 4 years, and can opt for an MS by Research degrees in 5 years. We have a flexible and unique curriculum to enable UG research. Our students engage with the subject from the very start in a deep way through courses and projects. Text book knowledge provides you the skills and the scientific knowledge. Research goes beyond the known and gives you a world-view on the subject. UG research is, thus, an integral element of our design.


It is no longer sufficient today to have the necessary subject knowledge. An ability to solve unstructured and unseen problems is essential to do well in a fast-changing world. Research exposure gives you the ability to approach problems beyond the ``syllabus'' in a systematic way. Future researchers, product designers, and entrepreneurs, need this to go beyond being mere workers. An analogy can help here. Doctors with an MBBS are legally qualified to treat you. However, those without MD find very few options today. The engineering areas are moving in that direction and those without advanced degrees and research skills will have fewer options in the future. Students keen to be researchers and product designers should consider our premium, Dual-Degree programmes. You will gets a B.Tech (Honours) and an MS by Research in about 5 years. They can take part in high-end research, present papers at top conferences around the world, and rub shoulders with the best in their field, all in the next 5 years! IIIT-H also has an exciting incubation programme with several promising companies started by our students and alumni. We actively encourage students and faculty taking their technology to the world in the form of products through the IIIT-H Foundation.


We have dual degree programmes that link Computer Science with domains like Natural Sciences, Linguistics, and Humanities. Computing is an enabling discipline and can produce great impact when combined with other areas. Facebook is not just a computer program that allows certain functionalities. It is successful because computer programs are combined strongly with psychology, sociology, and other disciplines to understand how people interact with each other. The new dual-degree programme on Building Science and Engineering comes at an exciting time as only half of the houses and buildings that India needs 20 years from now are already built today. This simultaneously presents a great opportunity and a massive challenge as current construction methods and materials are not sustainable. This programme looks at a building as an integrated entity in which human activity takes place. They should be designed with its whole lifecycle and its inhabitants in mind from the start.


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IIIT Hyderabad (International Institute of Information Technology) 


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M.Tech Computer Science & Information Security (CSIS)

M.Tech VLSI and Computer Engineering (VLSI & CE)

M.Tech Computer Aided Structural Engineering (CASE)

M.Tech Bioinformatics

M.Tech Computational Linguistics (CL)



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IIIT Hyderabad (International Institute of Information Technology)

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