Do you want work in Australia in 2018 (457 working visa) ????

You can!! Study AQT's Certificate IV in Hospitality.

Normal price $8,000 AUD. This is a special for our launch in India, Students will pay $5,500 or you can choose 5 easy payments of $1,100 over the duration of the course.

As part of your Qualification you get a Laptop (valued at $800 USD).

The laptop contains your student workbook, 3rd party assessment and other downloads to complete the Certificate IV in Hospitality. This laptop is yours to use during the study of the qualification and yours to keep on completion. All assessments, downloads and uploads will be submitted online with your laptop via your online portal or alternatively can email your assessments it to us.
Laptops are posted at the beginning of every month. Enrol now to get yours early. Please allow 2 weeks from the beginning of the month for Laptop delivery. (you may need to by a power adaptor for your region)

  1. You can study an Australian Qualification (Certificate IV in Hospitality) whilst working in your current Hospitality job.
  2. Your Manager/Supervisor will need complete paperwork (checklist) whilst your working.
  3. YOU GET an Australian Qualification Certificate IV in Hospitality and you can apply for a 457 Visa (working visa) to Australia.
  4. You could be working in Australia in 2018.
  5. **Once you arrive in Australia we can help you get work.
  1. Take a holiday and find work on your own.
  2. All you need to do it study our Certificate IV in Hospitality in your own home on your FREE laptop and work place to be eligible to apply for a 457 Visa (working visa).
  3. You must be employed in an Hospitality Establishment in your current location.
  4. You will need internet access - all work books are downloadable and the assessments are done online.
  5. You will need to have your Manager or Supervisor complete checklist on your behalf.
  6. You will need to be able to upload or email these documents to us on your FREE laptop.


Australian Qualification Training (AQT)

We have been training Hospitality for 15 years and owned several Restaurants and Cafes in Melbourne and the Gold coast. We know the industry and we know how to train you to be employable. We are a Registered Training Organisation RTO # 41598
AQT has a local base with Hawkscode pty ltd. Hawkscode will be your local contact for information and your training will be conducted from Australia whilst your working in India.


Upfront $5,500 Australian Dollars.


5 easy payments as you go:- $1,100 AUD can be made when you reach certain milestones. The first payment must be made before you gain access and the last payment must be made before you get your Australian Qualification (Certificate IV in Hospitality).

or   Call Us : 0141-2711552

Pay Online Using

Jobs available in Australia whilst on a Working Visa (457) are:-

  1. Hotel or Motel Manager
  2. Bed and breakfast Manager
  3. Accommodation and Hospitality Manager
  4. Licenced club manager
  5. Cafe or restaurant manager
  6. Waiter
  7. Bar Manager


**You will need to apply for your own 457 visa we can recommend a contact. **For an additional fee we can help you gain employment in your preferred location in an Australian Hospitality Establishment. Contact us for further information. For more information please call our local partner Hawkscode pty ltd (a local Indian company)

Address:- 506, Unique Destination, Laxmi Mandir Crossing, Tonk Road, Jaipur - 302015 PH:- 0141 2711552

Courses Included in Full Qualification Certification

Monitor work
oprations -
Stock -
Lead and manage
people -
staff -
Coach others
in job skills -
Manage finances
within a
budget - SITXFIN003
conflict -
Enhance the customer service experience - SITXCCS007
Provide advice
on food -
Use hygiene practices
for food
safety - SITXFSA001
Provide table service of food and beverage - SITHFAB014
Prepare and serve
cocktail -
Provide advice
on food -
Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol - SITHFAB002
Prepare and serve espresso coffee - SITHFAB005
Prepare and serve non-alcoholic beverages - SITHFAB004
a bar -
BSBDIV501A - Manage diversity in the workplace - BSBDIV501
Implement and monitor work health and safety practices - SITXWHS003
Work effectively in hospitality service - SITHIND004
Provide visitor


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